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15+ books about starting school and why regular reading helps them settle in

We have a guest post today; BookTrust CEO Diana Gerald explains why regular reading and sharing stories help children prepare for school life and ease them in, especially in the early years. We’ve also got 15+ great books about starting school too, to help them even more!

Are you looking for some books to help your little one as they are starting school - then why not check out these suggestions from Booktrust and us here at KiddyCharts?

By now, the holidays will seem an all too distant memory, as parents turn their thoughts to how to properly prepare young children for what lies ahead. Starting school for the first time is a massive milestone for small children and their parents. Making friends (will they?), finding their pegs and starting a new adventure away from you. Whilst this is all incredibly exciting, it can also be a daunting experience. It’s a time of transition as they get used to new routines, people and surroundings, so it’s crucial they feel properly prepared for this journey.

Books illustrating what their experience may be like can help to reassure children and can help them to overcome their worries and fears about embarking on this new educational adventure. Stories about starting school that paint a picture of the experience are a fantastic way to enable young children to familiarise themselves with the environment, and ease them into the early years.

Reading is one of life's amazing pleasures. We've got 15+ back to school books for your kids to explore to make them smile as much as this gorgeous lady!

At Booktrust, we’re dedicated to getting children reading because reading makes such an enormous difference. We know from evidence that regular reading has lasting impact- children who are read to start school with better language and literacy skills, including a larger vocabulary and more advanced comprehension skills. But more than that they are happier, healthier and more socially, culturally and emotionally prepared for life. In fact, studies have suggested that reading enjoyment is more important for a child’s educational success than their family’s financial or social status.

Reading with children before they start school will really give them the best chance of success and confidence in the classroom. So, as you pack that pencil case make sure to pack a few books in the backpack.

Look at all those kids loving reading and school - we've got 15+ suggestions for back to school books, and some help on why reading is SOOOOO important for kids too!

We’ve put together a useful booklist that is certain to help banish any back to school blues. Children can learn why much-loved Lola thinks she is absolutely too small for school in Lauren Child’s I am Too Absolutely Small for School (Hachette). Or read about how excited Hugless Douglas is to join the walking bus on his first day and how helpful and huggable he is in Hugless Douglas Goes to School by David Melling (Hodder Children’s Books)

15+ books for starting school to help your child settle in!

My First Day
Leilani Sparrow, illustrated by Dan Taylor. Boxer Books
Interest age: 3-5 Reading age: 4-6

Never Take a Bear to School
Mark Sperring, illustrated by Britta Teckentrup. Orchard Books
Interest age: 3-6 Reading age: 5-7

Twit Twoo School: Mouse’s Big Day
Lydia Monks. Macmillan.
Interest age: 3-6 Reading age: 5-6

First Day at Skeleton School
Sam Lloyd. Bloomsbury
Interest age: 3-6 Reading age: 5-6

I am Too Absolutely Small for School
Lauren Child. Hachette
Interest age: 3+ Reading age: 6+

Alfie and the Big Boys
Shirley Hughes. Random House
Interest age: 3 – 8 Reading age: 6+

Harry and the Dinosaurs go to School
Ian Whybrow Illustrated by Adrian Reynolds. Penguin
Interest age: 3+ Reading age: 5+

First Week at Cow School
Andy Cutbill Illustrated by Russell Ayto. HarperCollins Children’s Books
Interest age: 2+ Reading age: 5+

Topsy and Tim Start School
Jean Adamson. Ladybird
Interest age: 3-5 Reading age: 3+

Starting School
Allan Ahlberg. Penguin
Interest age: 3-5

Meg Comes to School
Helen Nicoll. Illustrator Jan Pienkowski. Puffin
Interest age: 3-5

Come to School Too, Blue Kangaroo
Emma Chichester Clark. HarperCollins Children’s Books
Interest age: 4+ Reading age: 5+

A Big Day for Migs!
Jo Hodgkinson. Andersen Press
Interest age: 3+ Reading age: 5+

Hugless Douglas Goes to School
David Melling. Hodder Children’s Books
Interest age: 4+ Reading age: 5+

Bunny Loves to Learn
Peter Bently Illustrated by Emma Foster and Deborah Melmon. Parragon Books
Interest age: 6+ Reading age: 5-8

Jellybean Goes to School
Margaret Roc Illustrated by Laura Hughes. Tamarind
Interest age: 3+ Reading age: 7+

And here they all are below as well for you!

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