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Join the KiddyCharts Charitable Travel Club and give back to your nominated charity

We have something brand new for all our readers now. We know you love getting out and about with your family to inspire them with new cultures, ideas and activities.Well now it’ll be easier to do so because we are partnering with Charitable Travel offering you some amazing deals on family holidays.

You can then pay for your holiday and give 5% of that total cost back to a charity of your choice.

Join our KiddyCharts Travel Club below and you’ll hear what we have for you weekly:

This is at no additional cost to you, and doesn’t give us any benefit either, other than knowing we are helping you to give!

What kind of deals does KiddyCharts Charitable Travel Club have?

Easter in Malta
From £439pp

Donation £66

Game of Thrones studio tour From £499pp
Donation: £50

Malta weekend family break

Donation £35

Above are three great examples of the kinds of deals you can get with us – so come on, why not sign up today? There is no obligation to buy anything of course.

For all the offers that are available – check out the KiddyCharts Travel Club offers page on their site below:

If you do buy, then you can choose to donate to any charity that is available as a partner for Charitable Travel, and there are LOADS of them, to fit in with the ideals that you have as a family.

If you want to see who their charity partners are – do pop along to their site and check it out.

You are able to nominate the charities that you give to when you pay.

We do have a suggestion of course, as we are a social enterprise, so we work with a specific charity already, Reverence for Life, but they are not yet on their list, but we hope they will be in time. In the meantime, why not check out these amazing organisations for your donations:

  • Kidscape: Focused on supporting those that are bullied and helping to prevent bullying where possible,
  • LGBT Foundation: Supporting all those within the community as and when required,
  • Rainbows Hospice: Care and support for over 450 children every year,
  • Winston’s Wish: Helping children who have experienced bereavement, and
  • Wood Green Animal Charity: Providing care and re-homing for hundred of animals every year. Our two cats were from this organisation and they do an amazing job nationwide.

The charity you choose is up to you though, and there are loads of charities that booking through Charitable Travel and the KiddyCharts Travel Club enables.

This is such an amazing opportunity to give while you travel, we have to be honest that we don’t really know why you would sign up and at least give it a try, do you?

There are offers that change weekly to suit the current season, as well as trends within the travel sector at that time. For example, romantic breaks near Valentine’s Day, and Christmas market ideas in December.

If you like this idea, why not tell your friends about it by sharing this article? And if you aren’t really sure where to go next, check out our travel section too.

Thanks for coming to see us as always,


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