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How to paint with transfers

Thanks so much for signing up to our fantastic painting with transfer series with the wonderful Jennie Maizels.

We will send you all the tutorials (with a total of four) to help you and your children get painting.

Your kids (and even you!), will learn how to paint with transfers some of the most amazing pictures including:

  • A gorgeous whale,
  • An owl design,
  • A dog walker out with a lot of different kinds of dogs, and finally,
  • A nature table that your child might even have put together!

Teaching kids how to paint with transfers is actually surprisingly easy, and extremely satisfying for them.

If they struggle a little with that finished article, then this is definitely a craft for them!

Do take a look at some of the other amazing resources that we have on the site while you are here. How about our shop, and our free resources?

Always a great place to start.

Thanks so much,


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