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Styling Plus Size – Feeling More Confident



I guess I should start by introducing myself – my name is Gemma and I have a little blog called ‘Yummy Mummy xo’

I think all of us at some point in our life will feel pretty rubbish about the way we look, whether your are petite, average or plus size. But we all forget, no matter what our size, or weight. Whether we think we are pretty or not – WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL!

So, having a baby is the most magical thing in life, wouldn’t change it for the world but it absolutely destroys our bodies. Some of you may be lucky enough to be skinny – I am far from that! Since giving birth in 2010, my weight has varied from a size 12-22. It isn’t likely that I will be losing weight any time soon, so I decided to get over it and style plus size.

I am writing about it to share some insight on how to do this..

Purely to the fact that I have been unfortunate to be bullied due to my size, being only 20 years of age, even now some low lifes from school feel the need to abuse. I would love to share tips on how you can make yourself feel amazing to have the confidence to tell them where to shove it just like I have :)

Get Them Out!!

My massive number one rule for Plus Size figures is cover up, but nearly, if not 90% of Plus Size Ladies, have amazingly big boobs, flaunt them, get them out, these are by far your best asset!

Here is some goodies from ASOS Curve & Plus Size range!

This lovely dress does wonders for everyone, the low neck line to show of your cleavage, but in at the waist to create a subtle waist line for an illusion curve shape, and the flowy wrap, covers all those lumps and bumps – Creating a flattering body figure.

Although, I would not wear this without some black tights, as they also create slimmer looking legs! – mine are big and covered in cellulite.

Now, I quite frankly rather comfy clothes that get me through the day at work or with my little one. I will usually be found in jeans and a top, cardy etc. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t have some nice stylish fashionable bits in your wardrobe.

Here is a fab coat that I have on order from New Look Inspire Range

I am not a fan of coats, as I get far too hot, but this light weight stylish biker coat is going to be my best buy this winter!

Rule number two is stick to plain colours, too much detail is just not what you need, concentrate on showing off what you’ve got, not adding extra bits for people to look at.

Although, saying that, something like this gorgeous Kimono, does wonders for us Plus Size, pair it with a plain top and a pair of jeans or leggings is beautiful!

As for jeans and leggings, go for something that is high waisted, it may not look very attractive underneath but it certainly covers some of the lumps and bumps – it squeezes it in, but be sure to get super stretch ones as they don’t stop you from breathing haha.

Now here is the perfect outfit to wear for work,

Just the simplest of things like this wonderful waterfall black cardigan on top of either of blouse or cardigan paired with smart work trousers. For work, add a bit of style, show them who is boss and walk in their feeling proud, head held high. No matter how much of a downer day you are having, how much stress is there, I promise that if you feel that tiny bit more confident, it makes a world of difference.

Hope you enjoyed this post & got some ideas on what to wear being Plus Size :) Please feel free to ask any questions.

Love, Yummy Mummy xo

'A 20 year old full-time working mummy with a cheeky little almost 3 year old boy, who has a new found love for blogging :)

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