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Win a signed copy of The Bubble Wrap Boy (Phil Earle) with the Scottish Friendly Book Tour

We have a unique gift for you - a signed copy of Bubble Wrap Boy from Phil Earle...why wouldn't you want one of these for the kids?

All of last year, Scottish Friendly sponsored a book tour to encourage literacy, reading and writing in kids. Something that we believe in passionately at KiddyCharts – its the old Librarian in me, see.

The final leg of the tour saw Phil Earle visit schools in Falkirk, East Ayrshire and South Ayrshire in November. Phil visited 12 schools, and spoke to 1,500 pupils. He even managed to break the record for the most books sold on a secondary school tour as well. He really inspired the kids, from a group of boys re-creating a part of his book Heroic in the playground, to being interviewed for another school’s radio show.

He talked to the kids about trying to find the drama in everything around them, from a simple conversation with your mum, to a phone call with your girlfriend. Anything can inspire a good story; and the magic in a book is often in its conversations. Writing great dialogue is therefore critical, and he explains beautifully how we can all do that here:

Phil Earle's Tips for Writing Great Dialogue

Dialogue within a book can be a very important tool; for guiding the reader, as well as developing plots and characters effectively. Sometimes it is brilliant for progressing your story, without writing too much prose – get your characters to explain something to your reader themselves!

To celebrate the Scottish Book Tour and Phil Earle’s participation, we are giving away a signed copy of his latest book, The Bubble Wrap Boy. As with all our giveaway, just fill out the widget below. You can also gain extra entries when others enter the competition via a link you are given below as well.

Don’t forget to nip over to our Competitions section on the site, so you can see what else is out there as well; particularly all the giveaways that are ending soon.

Phil Earle’s ‘The Bubble Wrap Boy’ Signed Copy

As always, the terms and conditions are listed on our standard T&Cs page, so do check it out. In addition, this giveaway closes at 11.59pm on Thursday 19th March – should give you plenty of time to get your entry in, right?

This is a sponsored giveaway and contains affiliate links.

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Denielle Nicol

Thursday 19th of March 2015

Read to them from a very early age and make it loads of fun


Thursday 19th of March 2015

Make it fun

Kim Styles

Thursday 19th of March 2015

Both of my children could read before they started school -basic words but it gave then a good grounding -I labelled every day items and even used magnetic letters on the fridge to play at spelling -we always had a story at night with large writing that they could follow as I read the story- make it fun that how children earn everything


Thursday 19th of March 2015

Read with them & make it fun, make sure they understand what they are reading.

eva appleby

Thursday 19th of March 2015

Let them choose

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