Win GP Batteries M-Series PowerBank to stay in charge this festival season

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We have a great new competition for you today from GP Batteries, that will help you when you are out and about with the kids, or indeed in festival season as it approaches! The new GP Batteries M-Series Powerbank will ensure you don’t run out of power when you need it most.

Perfect to charge up smartphones, laptops and other electronic devices, the M-Series Powerbank is available in five striking aluminium casing colour options – Red, Olive Green, Mid Teal, Orange and Mid Grey.

Slim, compact and lightweight the M-Series also comes in three capacities; –5000 mAh (SRP £17.99) 10,000 mAh (SRP £24.99) and 15,000 mAh (SRP £34.99), and offers different power needs for different devices.

Get festival ready with GP Batteries M-Series powerbank - charge your life and don't get stuck! #win #giveaways

A key feature of the range is ‘pass through charging’, which lets you recharge your devices and the PowerBank at the same time, while the 10,000 & 15,000 mAh models feature a Type-C USB connection to allow you to charge the new generation of Apple MacBooks.  It also allows you to programme the powerbank so you’re in control of how power is transferred; letting you decide if the powerbank charges your laptop or if the laptop charges your powerbank – the ultimate in convenience!

So whether it’s taking a picture of your favourite band, posting on social media, staying in touch with friends via messaging apps, or making a simple phonecall, GP’s M-Series powerbank (5000 mAh model) will keep you in charge!

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Win GP Batteries M-Series PowerBank

The closing date for this giveaway is Monday 19th May at 11.59pm and the usual terms and conditions for our giveaways apply.

This is UK only, and you can choose the powerbank that is right for you, subject to availability.

To see the full GP Batteries range visit

Thanks so much for coming along to see us, and we do hope we will see you again soon.


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  • I use my phone for every thing so not having to worry about the battery running out would be super useful, I love it in red.

  • This competition has come at right time for me traveling back from London to Birmingham, having autism and visual problems and my mother not been able to communicate with me earlier and getting worried as I had a low phone battery. She keeps on saying to me to get a power bank and I keep putting it off saying I’m looking for a good one at right price and I’m happy to say this does look a good one I would like to win and at same time will mean I have a relieved mother. I would choose green colour as I like that colour and it would be easy for me to spot with visual problems .

  • I’d choose the Teal colour and would give it to my husband who always seems to run out of battery on his phone when he’s at the golf course. He may not thank me for this!

  • This would be a lifesaver for when my daughter goes out with friends or away camping as her phone is always running out of battery, it would also be useful to me for long days out and travelling as a backup. I prefer teal but would be happy with any of the colours

  • i always forget to charge and end up being unable to contact anyone till i get home this would help

  • When I’m in the train shed all day with no power sockets I’ll have this for phone and head torch charging ….total life saver

  • I’d choose the orange one and I’d give it to my daughter and grandchildren and I’d be the coolest Nana! They are constantly needing to charge something or other and this prize would be great for outings.

  • Long days out and plenty of tablets to keep the sprogs entertained on the way there & back. It’d be a gr8 bit of kit for emergency re-charges.

  • This would be great for work, work in food retail so can’t plug in my phone and it has to be kept in my locker too – but always seems to run out just when I’m about to go home

  • With a baby (and associated cost!) on the way I’m trying to keep my 4year old phone alive for as long as possible… a strong battery pack would be a lifesaver! Black is very stylish!

  • i do a lot of travelling for work on train and especially the north wales run they dont have any charging sockets so this would be brilliant for keeping me working whilst im travelling

  • I am awful for not charging my phone at home and then get in trouble with hubby when I am out and about with no phone …this would be a lifesaver!!!

  • I’d love it in red so its easy to find in my bag. It would be a lifesaver to charge up our families devices when out and about.

  • I submit a lot of work reports on my phone so cannot risk the battery dying. I’d love an orange one to mimimise the risk of losing it

  • My son is going to Borneo this summer to help with reforestation so this might help keep him contactable. No preference on colour. Thank you!

  • Red, it might solve solve the need I have to carry these wo homes to prevent having to stop using the battery

  • I would use this as a reassurance that we always have a mobile that has a charge in the car – you never know when you might need it! I love the red!

  • it would a life saver for my husband who spend long times in a van for work and his phone is always dying he would love the orange one so he can keep in touch with his marvelous wife :)

  • This would be ideal for days out – we visited Dismaland a few years ago and took so many photos we both ended up with dead batteries :D I’d love the mid grey colour please if I am lucky enough to win.

  • This would be wonderful for my grand daughter – I worry when she is out on her own that she won’t be able to contact us in an emergency – orange would be perfect!

  • I love the fact that this can both give power to other items and recharge from a laptop too. Piper’s phone is always running out of power. She goes on camping weekends with a group she belongs to and I’m always left wondering whether she’s ok. This would save me so much grief because I’d lend it to the group leader before they left and would know that Piper could always get in touch.

  • I seem to be the only person in the family capable of remembering to charge devices so this will be most useful, I’d like the red

  • I’m often a passenger on long car journeys and my phone always ends up dead before the end of the journey! I’d love a red one!

  • this would be a life saver for me as im always running out off battery when i take the kids somewhere so i cant take as many amazing pictures or they use my phone to play games and when i need to make a call the battery is really low,id love an orange one please as its very bright and i wouldn’t forget to put it in my bag

  • Forgot to mention in my previous comment that I would love red if I were lucky enough to win because I already have several gadgets that are black and a similar size so the red would be easier to locate when I need to!

  • My partner often stays out overnight for his hobbys (fishing/hunting) and often his battery will die on his phone leaving me worry about him and him unable to contact me should he need help for whatever reason so this would be perfect to keep us in touch.

  • I’d love the red please would help to save my battery running out at all the family festivals coming up and on our train journeys to! Thank you x

  • This would be great. Personally would let any members of my family use it if they’re out for the day. Nothing worse than one of my older children texting me saying they’re running out of battery when they want to stay in contact.
    Red would be great

  • Me and my girls love camping, so this would be really handy for that and I’d choose orange. Thanks

  • I would love this as I always worry that I have enough charge when I am out because if I have car trouble and can’t contact anyone, it’s frightening due to being disabled. I love the red version of this.

  • I love the Teal colour! This would be a life saver for me as my phone is very old and doesn’t hold charge for long, so this would be great for going out for day trips!

  • This would be great for me because there is nothing worse than being on a day out with the kids and your phone dying so you can’t take cute pictures!

  • This would be great for me as I’m always out and about and struggle with battery levels . Would love the Mid Teal

  • One of the bad trends in modern phones is non-replaceable batteries. This is especially true in rugged phones that I need due to clumsiness due to arthritis. However the batteries do not seem to be lasting much longer so that 1.5 years into a 2 year contract phones can become close to unusable for more than 2 or 3 hours. Having a really good external battery can literally be a lifesaver if a disabled person like myself has problems such as a flat tyre on your way home from shopping or a meeting by enabling help to be summoned. This seems made worse on some Android phones if set to update automatically. Updating automatically is good, but if the phone leaves the app running after an update one can find 50 or 60 apps running and the phone getting almost to hot to handle as the power is sapped and the battery drained.

    • It would be a lifesaver for me as I don’t have a power bank and need one and I would pick green colour

  • I’m always low on power when I’m out and about or on holiday this would be a great help and any colour would suit me

  • I love the Teal colour and it would be a life saver when I’m travelling and there is nowhere to charge up again.

  • Red, our buses have wifi, so I use it en route to town and back then when at coffe so soon run out even though its a new phone, so this would be great

  • This would be great for when we are out on an adventure with no power supply. It would mean we could have a little break and relax without worrying that we would have enough battery to last until we get home. A nice bright colour would be good to stand out.

  • Grey please! Perfect for popping in my handbag so I never lose charge but also great for the kiddies gadgets too

  • It would be great for my son who is at college & is always running out of power for his devices. I’d choose orange as then he’d be able to spot it easily in his backpack.

  • So useful, especially when you haven’t got time (or simply forgot) to charge your phone/laptop. Great range of colours, I’d probably choose orange.

  • This would be great to capture all the memories with my phone and not worry about having a low battery xx

  • The green would be great, we’re always running out of chargers in the house! This would be great for my boys to save on rows

  • Awesome giveaway.
    Definitely grey ♥️
    It would be perfect for my stays in hospital

  • It would be so handy to pop in my bag and never have a low battery again when I want to take photos of the grandkids. I’d be happy for any colour.

  • This will be great when I resume my festival going after years of caring for my son to make sure I can still stay in touch. I would choose red as it might be less easily mislaid

  • It would be a life saver because it would reduce the risk of missing an all important life step photo due to low battery

  • My phone is always running out of power this would be a life saver, I would love the teal it is a lovely colour

  • I love the grey. It would be handy to have as someone usually has a dead battery when we are out so this would be ideal

  • Mid Teal would be lovely and every time I’m on the train to work I’ll know that I have extra battery life

  • This would be a big help because my phone runs down on battery far too quickly when I am out and about. I would choose it in red

  • Fantastic for saving space & handy to keep in my handbag in case my phone charge runs out, brilliant gadget. i like the teal colour.

  • I am planning to go camping with my son who is 7 and im not sure what would happen if the phone or laptop ran out.

  • Tbis would be great for keeping in my bag. Means when I’m at work I could charge my phone and also charge it after the kids have drained the battery too 😂

  • Being able to recharge without having to find a plug would be fantastic. I can get lost anywhere and not being able to access google maps is my nightmare. No more watching the battery drain and worrying about it. I like the grey one.

  • I like the teal. I have been looking for something like this. My battery always goes down quick especially when out for the day and doing a lot of walking and conscious of using phone because of this so this would definitely solve my problem

  • I would choose the mod grey, it would be fantastic to give to my partner as he’s not great at ensuring his phone is charged up before he leaves home!

  • It would ensure my battery is optimally charged regardless of size, while keeping my devices safely powered up when I need it. I would like the grey.

  • I could give it to my son so when he has away he has no excuse for telling me his battery is flat when he ignores my calls

  • This would be great for all the kids devices – being able to recharge them at the same time will save the need for plug holes! I would choose red x

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