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Win a £85 FinaMill spice mill bundle (Three Available) #KiddyChartsAdvent

On Day 7 of our advent giveaways, we have a technology treat for our readers. We are giving away a Finamill spice mill buindle to three lucky winners. FinaMill’s award-winning patented electric grinder with its interchangeable podsis a brilliantly easy way to grind spices, regardless of whole spice shape, size and hardness. It’s the perfect Christmas gift for foodies or for those wanting to fall in love with freshly-ground spices again!

Winners will all receive:

  • FinaMill classic battery pepper & spice grinder (in one of 6 colours),
  • An extra PRO Plus pod,
  • A storage tray and some beautifully-packed peppercorns, salt and herbs to get started!
An advertisement featuring a person holding a spice mill over a roasted chicken, framed by a festive, red "Advent Giveaway" arch and holiday decorations.

What is the FinaMill?

Spices are a must for all styles of delicious cooking, with their vivid flavourshealth benefits and zero or low calories. But these benefits begin to degrade the minute those spices are ground. Now FinaMill lets you grind spices of any size as you need them. 

There are two types of FinaPod depending on the type of spice you’re grinding and with just one click you can get that freshly-ground taste. Fill one of the pods with your favourite spice, attach to the FinaMill and you’re ready to go.

It’s super-easy to use:

  • Push the FinaMill down to pick up the FinaPod which clicks into place,
  • Press the button on top of the FinaMill to mill,
  • Then push down again to release the pod and pick up another.
A person in a black apron is holding a red spice grinder above interchangeable pods on a wooden counter, with a steak nearby. The image indicates "1. SELECT".
For more information and to sign up for special offers visit and follow @FinaMillEurope on social.

You can do this all one-handed too, so it’s a brilliant tool for a busy kitchen, juggling other parenting tasks with the other hand (!), or cooking on the BBQ!

A favourite of Oprah Winfrey who chose it as a ‘Oprah’s Favorite Things 2022’, FinaMill has won lots of international awards including A’Design, Reddot, European Product Design and many more.

Built to last with a durable ceramic grinding mechanism, all products come with a 2-year 100% quality guarantee. You can also grind salt, peppercorns, cumin seeds and even coffee beans, so you have all your kitchen spice needs covered!

The FinaMill range now includes the original Classic Battery (£49.95) and the new Rechargeable USB version (£69.95) and both come with two PRO Plus Spice pods so you can use one mill but keep the flavours distinct. These pods are used for everyday and oily spices like peppercorns, sea salt and seeds like coriander, cumin and dill. You can buy MAX pods separately (£12.95 each) which are best for dried herbs and large spices like allspice, dried basil and coffee beans.

Check out the FinaMill offers before you enter

A person is using an electric spice grinder over a roasted chicken with vegetables. Various spices in containers and kitchenware are visible on a counter.

From now until December 18th you can save £10 for every £40 you spend on the FinaMill UK website! The whole range of FinaMill products are included in the offer, so you can save on whatever type, colour or version is best for you. A special Festive Gift Set is also available for a limited time, so get in quick before they run out!

The Classic Battery version is available in SangriaMidnight BlackSageSalmon, Stone and Soft Cream, while the Rechargeable USB is available in Midnight Black, Sangria and Soft Cream.

There are also two styles of stackable tray to store your pods as well.

How to enter this FinaMill giveaway

Check out the Gleam below – there are a few ways to enter – so give it a go! We are closing this on 18th December at 11.59pm, so make sure you enter as soon as you can.

Day 7: Win Finamill spice mill bundle (Three available)

Ways to enter include:

  • Visit FinaMill on Instagram and check out their feed, if you like what you see, why not give them a follow?
  • Visit FinaMill’s website and check them out, and then let us know what you want to give a little extra spice this Christmas and why you will cook it,
  • Get signed up for our fantastic advent giveaways newsletter so you don’t miss any of our wonderful Xmas giveways,
  • Check out the Christmas activity book, and let us know what your favourite idea is – we love all our amazing activities this year, and there is a really important focus on kids mental wellbeing and understanding their feelings,
  • Tweet on X about this giveaway, and retweet the note we have on the advents as well, so you can let people know what you are doing, and finally
  • Share a unique url for this givewaway, and if anyone enters from that url, you get even more entries.

We really hope that you like this giveaway, and that you will check out the others on the site as well:

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Thanks for coming to see us, and we hope that you will come back again.

The image shows an advent calendar promotion for Day 7, offering a chance to win a spice mill bundle, featuring a person seasoning a roasted chicken.

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Susan B

Sunday 10th of December 2023

What a natty gadget the Finamill is! I throw two things on almost everything I eat: olive oil and ground pepper (I blame Jamie Oliver!). Trouble is, my pepper mill is very basic and I get bits all over the worktop and store cupboard, I rather fancy a Finamill, instead, and would like to try other seasonings, as well.

Susan B

Sunday 10th of December 2023

From the Christmas advent activity book, I also like the Colour and Guide. Perfect for little hands to navigate and concentrate.

Sally Collingwood

Friday 8th of December 2023

I would sprinkle salt and pepper over my Cauliflower Cheese!

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