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Win desk and office chair from Flexispot worth £600 to give your office a bit of love

How many of you feel that your office in the family home could do with a bit of love and a make-over? We think a lot – so we have teamed up with Flexispot to offer you the perfect package for Valentines Day and beyond. Why not enter to win nearly £600 of goodies; the Esben Height-Adjustable Desk EHD2 and an office chair to go with it too; BS9O.

Tell me more how your spreading the love with Flexispot this Valentines

As always, Flexispot have got some great ideas on their site to spread a little joy around Valentines and beyond for February. They have two key offers for the month that you may want to take a look at:

End of season deals (1st – 28th Feb)

They have few offers on the site, and whatever you spot, you can get 50 off with orders over £500, as well as an up to 33% off products as well. Check them out to see if there is anything you might be interested in.

Note: Extra entries to the giveaway for visiting the deal page.

FlexiSpot newsletter subscription (11th – 20th Feb)

As always, there are some great offers for joining up with their newsletter too. If you subscribe, you can get 7% OFF and win a Valentine’s Day gift from FlexiSpot as well. In addition, from the people who subscribed to their newsletter, they will randomly choose one to grant an EHD2 height adjustable desk for free!

What are desk and chair like?

The BS9O is an ergonomic, adjustable chair with lumbar support. Perfect for Mums and Dads everywhere that need a little bit of love and attention when they work, or manage the household, because they have been running after their kids all day.

The chair has an adjustable height, as well as the ability to change the tilting angle of the seat too.

The EHD2 desk is also adjustable, has built in USB ports, as well as two ergonomic and stylish drawers just below the desk top. Hopefully, to give you more chance of keeping things tidier in that home environment.

How do I win this Flexispot bundle

As always, you just need to fill out the Gleam widget below, and you are in with a shot before the closing date on Monday 20th February at 11.59pm.

Win Desk and Office Chair from Flexispot worth £600

As always, there are a few ways you can enter the giveaway including:

  • Sign up to the Flexisport newsletter, so that you can win, but ALSO so you are able to win their prizes on the site for the month too,
  • Visit the site, and check out the Flexispot deals for February,
  • Tweet about the giveaway, and follow Flexispot on twitter too, and
  • Finally, share your own unique url, and if you are able to get others to enter, then you have a chance to win too. You can have 10 extra entries this way, and get three entries for everyone that signs up.

Why not check out some of the other giveaways that we have on the site, including our Shelf Care giveaways club where if you join there are giveaways for Readly, LEGO and Playmobil.

Thanks so much for coming to see us as always, why not sign up to our giveaway newsletters too?

We really hope to see you again soon,


Helen is a mum to two, social media consultant, and website editor; and this site is (we think) the only Social Enterprise parenting magazine! Since giving up being a business analyst when juggling travel, work and kids proved too complicated, she founded KiddyCharts so she could be with her kids, and use those grey cells at the same time. KiddyCharts has reach of over 1.1million across social and the site. The blog works with big family brands (including travel) to help promote their services, as well as offering free resources to parents of kids under 10. It gives 51%+ profits to Reverence for Life, who fund a number of important initiatives in Africa, including bringing running water and basic equipment to a school in Tanzania. Helen has worked as a digital marketing consultant (IDM qualified) with various organisations, including Channel Mum, Truprint, Talk to Mums, and Micro Scooters. She loves to be creative in the brand campaigns she works on. Get in touch TODAY!

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Patricia Barrett

Monday 20th of February 2023

The Standing Desk Converter M18M sounds like a great idea and saves spending money on a whole new standing desk.

Claire Hamilton

Monday 20th of February 2023

I'd like the BackSupport Office Chair BS10 which might help me out with some back issues I have.

Adrian Bold

Monday 20th of February 2023

I like the Active standing desk EQ5 which would go well in our study and has a decent price / discount.

Deborah Preston

Sunday 19th of February 2023

I'd choose the EW8 desk as stylish and has a handy drawer

Wendy Morgan

Thursday 16th of February 2023

Thank you for this opportunity.

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