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#Win a three-month supply of Daz

Everyone reach for the tissues for a good sob Downtown is drawing to a close!


But don’t worry – Daz is here to rescue us all, having taken a look at the nation, and drawn up a simple formula for trying to work out which character from the series we are most alike. Their way of helping us “lighten the load” as the days get shorter, and the night longer because we can no longer pull up our armchairs and get lost on the Downton sets.

Apparently, two-thirds of us are like Lady Mary. *Who knew*, which means that every single one of those Lady Mary-alikes makes sure that they are wearing perfectly pressed underpants and knickers.

Health warning: may contain mild innuendo, so be careful whom you show it to ;-)

The Lady Mary’s of this world are rather innovative, and like to use technology when they can, while maintaining that all important work-life balance. They won’t say no to a bit of a technological boost with everyday tasks, like the washing, so would be more than happy to enter our competition to win 3 month’s supply of Daz and Daz go Pods. ;-)

We have a three month supply of Daz for our lucky readers to win - go on you KNOW you want to! Closes 13td Dec

If you are interested, it would seem that there is plenty of the Downton in many of us out there, and a surprising number of us identify with the characters on the show:

  • Lady Mary: 64%
    • Loyal, elegant and passionate the Lady Mary’s are the next generation redefining tradition
    • Great smelling, perfectly pressed underwear makes them happiest
  • Earl of Grantham: 15%
    • Stable, dependable and intelligent, they think of themselves as the head of the family
    • Crisp, white, wrinkle free shirts are their laundry priority
  • Mrs Patmore: 10%
    • Down to earth, caring and forgiving, Mrs Patmore’s are the carers of the family and run the household
    • Clean tea towels with no stains in sight are key
  • Branson: 4%
    • Moral, reserved and sceptical. They are traditional through and through
    • Vests and shirts make up the bulk of their laundry, to keep them looking sharply dressed
  • Dowager Countess of Grantham: 3%
    • Proper, traditional and practical they prefer not to work unless they have to
    • They don’t do the laundry. Ever.
  • Thomas: 3%
    • Ambitious, driven and successful they will do whatever it takes to help family get ahead
    • Most likely suited and booted, they prefer to do washing as little as possible.

So there you go – who do YOU feel like the most?

To help ourselves feel better, we have a three month supply of Daz to give away to one lucky reader, this is:

  • 3 x Daz Regular Washing Powder and,
  • 3 x Daz go Pods (worth £30).

So come on, just fill out the Gleam widget and off you go!

Win a 3-month supply of Daz (Worth £30)

This closes on Thursday 13th January at 11.59pm, and all standard terms and conditions for the site apply. Why not check out our other giveaways too – we have loads running at the moment!

Note: This is a sponsored giveaway, and the survey was commissioned by Daz and conducted by KGRA, together with Bilendi among 1,000 people in the United Kingdom. Daz statistics are not official ‘Downton Abbey’ or ITV statistics. Daz is not endorsed, sanctioned or in any other way supported by ‘Downton Abbey’ or ITV.

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Natalie Crossan

Wednesday 13th of January 2016

Lady Mary - very self assured

Hayley w

Wednesday 13th of January 2016

Never seen it unfortunately

Melissa Palmer

Wednesday 13th of January 2016

Ihave never watched it but my sisters insist i do so think will be buying box set very soon xx

Alison Clifford

Wednesday 13th of January 2016

The Dowager - She has the best one-liners and put downs!

Polly Power

Wednesday 13th of January 2016

Has to be the very classy Lady Mary

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