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Win Cognitoys Dino Toy worth £100 #KiddyChartsAdvent

We have already shared 6 amazing giveways in our advent series and hope you already had a chance to enter them all! Today we are working with the wonderful Cognitoys to give away a fantastic interactive learning dinosaur. Now THAT will definitely make someone’s Christmas, don’t you think?

In case you missed any giveaways, do pop along to them on our advent, we have already given away a chance to win a year’s subscription to Amazing! children’s magazine yesterday and a great set of learning resources the other day. As well as many other fabulous giveaways, and more fabulous ones that are yet to come. Be sure to enter them all as you could win a wonderful present to put under your tree (all of the prizes are beyond awesome).

Win Cognitoys Dino Toy worth £100 #KiddyChartsAdvent

So we have a Cognitoys Dino toy worth £100 up for grabs today. Now we don’t know about you, but we never meet a child who wouldn’t go just a little bit crazy about dinosaurs, so this is a sure fire winner.

Cognitoys are truly something else, as their learning toys are designed with kids in mind, so they provide both entertainment and learning experience which is a great combination with the young ones.

Not only does it look pretty fancy, it also makes for a great speech based learning companion. It’s nose holds the speakers and a microphone. There’s a LED light indicator hidden in it’s mouth (rawesome, right?). Hold it’s tummy to talk, and be in charge of volume with the control on the legs.

As we can’t really say what colours the dinosaurs were, it’s only fitting these kinds of learning toys come in more than one colour. There’s a green, blue and pink one available. Pretty cool right? Who wouldn’t want a learning companion as cool as this one? A must for under the Christmas tree this year.

Cognitoys Dino Toy

We think it looks amazing in all colours.

You know you want one. Not entierly sure how they really work? Do check this quick promo video to see it in action.

Cognitoys Final TVC

You can also check this awesome Cognitoys Dino Toy here:

Winning couldn’t be easier – you can fill out our usual Gleam shenanigans, and we have also given you the option of sharing with your friends to get extra entries as well. We have added WhatsApp and SMS options to the usual ones for you here.

Day 7 – Win an interactive Cognitoys Dino Toy worth £99.99

This competition ends on 13th of December at 11.59pm. We will announce the winner as soon as we can after this close date, so that we can endeavour to get the prize out before Christmas. We cannot, however, guarantee this. All our standard terms and conditions apply, and this is for UK delivery only.

Win Cognitoys Dino Toy worth £100


This is a sponsored giveaway.

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Katie Moore

Tuesday 12th of December 2017

never seen this before amazing

Nesta King

Tuesday 12th of December 2017

Will make learning fun.


Tuesday 12th of December 2017

Amazing prize

John Ryan

Monday 11th of December 2017

Great learning toy.

Linda Thorn

Monday 11th of December 2017


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