#Win Baby Annabell First Rose set doll and moses basket

Baby Annabell Rose Set

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Today we have a lovely new giveaway for all of you who are Baby Annabell fans. Baby Annabell has a brand new doll, the First Rose set is part of the My First Baby Annabell collection that includes:

  • A soft bodied doll,
  • Lovely rose dress,
  • Some gorgeous tiny little sandals,
  • Matching romper suit, and
  • Sheep rattle.

Baby Annabell Rose Set

We are giving one of those scrumptious dolls away (RRP £24.99), alongside a moses bases (RRP £11.99) from the same collection. The moses basket comes with a sheep design as well, to match the little sheep rattle the First Rose doll has.

my first baby annabell moses basket

As usual with these giveaways, we just need to you to fill out the Gleam widget below to be in with a chance of winning. Don’t forget to sign up for our email as well, so you don’t miss out on any of the new giveaways as they go live on the site.

Win Baby Annabell First Rose Doll and Moses Basket

This giveaway closes on Thursday 9th June, at 11.59pm. The giveaway has the same conditions as all the competitions that we have on the site, so please do pop along to our standard terms section for full details. It is for residents in the United Kingdom only as well.

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  • My children love to play with dolls because they like to ‘be like mummy & daddy’, they love to look after their ‘babies’, especially giving them baths & taking them for walks.

  • Phoenix loves playing with her dolls because they are the “little sister” she hasn’t got yet and she can play “teacher” (just started school), babysitter and MORE importantly be able to boss them about. She doesn’t know there’s a little sister slowly developing at the moment (only just found out so she doesn’t know yet). She has a little brother already and was most upset that he was a boy lol. Saying that, he’s happy to be girlie with her now.

  • My niece hasn’t got a actually baby dolly yet as she’s only just started to like all that, she pushes her Toddler Anna doll in her peppa pig pram and she puts her on the back of her bike and she feeds her sweets!

  • My little girl loves playing with her dollies dressing them, feeding them bathing them she is a reall little mummy bless her and she spends a lot of her time with them

  • She likes to pretend she is mummy. I often hear her saying things that I would say to her as well. It’s sweet.

  • Jake likes to play make believe and he likes to copy mummy so thats why he liked dolls as he gets to pretend hes a mummy

  • My daughters love role playing and playing families and the older ones have prams, doll car seats etc. My 2 year old is just starting to be interested in playing with them doing this but she hasn’t got her own doll yet.

  • Because she is the only one child and feels her doll like her sibling taking care of her and a playmate

  • My grandson loves playing “dolls” because he likes to think he’s looking after them and doing to them what his mummy and nanna does for him.

  • She’s the only girl surrounded by male toys and she loves to show her feminine side.

  • Jodie loves to play families with her friends, they have picnics on the grass with their dolls.

  • My daughter looks playing with dolls as she likes to copy what I do and pretend to be a mummy.

  • my daughter loved playing with her doll when she was young,play rolling ,let her imagination take her as she dressed and fed baby, so sweet happy memories I know several little kiddiewinkles in the family who would love this prize

  • H likes playing with dolls because she likes to pretend shes a grown up – shes the youngest in the family so she mimics a lot of things she sees us doing (although I have never run through the house holding her by 1 leg whilst shouting bad babba!)

  • My little.lady has just started to play with dolls only recently got an interest she watches her big cousins play houses and she love to join in doesn’t like the crying though only she is allowed to that lol

  • I think that my little girl loves to pretend that she is like mummy. Plus she is very caring and loves looking after others. x

  • My little girl is still quite young but she would absolutley love this for when she is a bit older

  • Because she loves to pretend to be “mummy” and copy everything a parent would do :)

  • Because she is a natural carer and if she is isn’t dressing up her baby doll, she is dressing up our very patient and willing dog !

  • My daughter likes to pretend her baby dolls is her little cousin brother who lives in another city and who she adores and misses.

  • It’s a chance to love and care for something which is just like a real person, like themselves.

  • It’s having something to look after and care for that keeps them going back to dolls.

  • Both of mine love playing ‘mums and dads and babies’! I think it’s great role play for developing social skills, empathy and imagination.

  • Both my daughter and my son love playing with dolls and pretend babies. And I do actively encourage it. It really helps their emotional intelligence and imaginative play.

    And as a bonus when they see real babies they understand how important it is to be gentle if they say hello to them.

  • She loves to do what I do with my baby to her dolls, she is always feeding them, changing them, bathing them and putting them to bed. And when I ask her what she wants to be when she is grown up she says “A Mummy, like you”.

  • My little girl loves pushing her dolls around the house and feeding them from her wooden pan sets..its rather cute as she’s only 2 but is like a mini mum

  • Some children seem to be instinctively nurturing and love the caring element of playing with dolls. Our youngest is one of those.

  • My youngest daughter loves playing with dolls because she gets a chance to be the bossy big sister for a change.

  • My granddaughter treats them like real people. She looks after them with her nurses kit and when she’s happy that they are all well they have a tea party

  • My daughter loves pretending to be a mummy to her dollys, she has twin dolls and a twin pushchair, she loves feeding them and putting them to bed, its so cute watching her act it out.

  • my daughter loves playing with her dolls, she sits them all down in the kitchen and has a picnic, they have to come shopping with us too.

  • she loves taking care of a dolly, feeding it, changing its nappy etc, I think they like to pretend being grown up , my daughter said to me the other day, I can’t wait to be a mummy so I can stay at home and not go to school :) .x

  • My daughters love to copy me and do same as I do with my son as they love their little brother and always try and help me too.but they can be little rough so I try and get them to use dolly but they end up fighting as we only have one doll at minute I’ve not had time get another yet.

  • My little girl Alexis is 3 and has 3 ‘babies’ she never goes anywhere without them. They are the cabbage patch type dolls, she loves them but I think maybe she should have a new ‘human looking’ baby to love!

  • My granddaughter loves playing with her dolls she is potty training at the minute so loves to show the dolls what they have to do.Nanny has to help bath dolly,lol

  • My son loves playing with dolls , he shows me how to feed them, love them and take them for walks

  • I think it helps her process things that are happening for her – like getting used to a bedtime routine she then does the same with her dolls, or being swung up in the air when she’s walking , she’ll do the same with her dolls

  • My niece likes to pretend that her doll is her baby, ever since her other aunt had her baby.

  • My daughter is such a little girl! loves dressing them and having tea parties and taking care of them – pretty much a mother really!

  • My Grandaughter loves playing nurses with her ill dolls, and she plays a vet with all her cuddly animals :D

  • I’ve recently had a little baby girl so my 3 year old twins love to mimic mummy. My little girl spent most of my pregnancy with her soft dolly under her top pretending to be pregnant and now breastfeeds it like mummy!

  • My 7 year old adores her dolls, she loves to role play with them from tea parties, to birthday parties, bath time, story time or just as her bed time comfort. Her dolls are her world.

  • My daughter is 15 now, so this would go to my niece who is 7, she loves to play with her babies. I think she can show her caring side, and also be in control of something, she can talk through her day with them, in a way they become friends, you can interact with dolls, and roleplay a lot of things

  • My son loves dolls always has done, So this would be fantastic as we have just bought him a pram for his birthday x

  • Pretending to be mummy makes her feel all grown up, I’m not sure what parts of being an adult are so appealing but hey ho lol

  • My nephew loves playing with dolls, he’s autistic and only as one sister and three other brothers! It’s great that he plays with dolls with his little sister.

  • My granddaughter loves to push her dolly in her buggy. I think it makes her feel like a big girl xx

  • It uses my sons imagination. One moment he is caring for the doll, another it’s a superhero:)

  • My daughter is very girly and loves playing with dolls and their accessories, she pretends they’re her babies :)

  • I think it’s because they like to copy the grown ups as it gives them more confidence about doing things properly and to be honest the dolls often act like a surrugate friend when others aren’r around.

  • My daughter loves playing with dolls as she’s got a baby brother, so she likes to pretend she’s me by taking her doll shopping in her pram and she loves to bath her doll.

  • Playing :- Make Believe or Pretend. Mummy and Baby. Babysitting. Nurse and Sick baby etc are games played. Hairstyling etc are other games. Has good imagination.

  • she loves pretending to be me as i watch her and shes copying things that I do, its really sweet

  • my daughter loves talking to her dolls, they are her little friends and they have lots of adventures together.

  • My little girl always loved playing with the dolls but since her little brother was born 10 weeks ago, I think she likes the idea even more of feeding and bathing a baby :).

  • My little one has always been in love with babies & wants mummy to have another!!! Which is not happening any time soon so dolls are the next best thing ??

  • Role play is such an important part of a child’s development, as a preschool teacher I know that boys love to play with dolls as much as girls. My grandson is just a year old now but I am sure he will love playing with dolls too.

  • My son is autistic & doesn’t play with dolls (yet) but, as he has recently become an uncle, I would love this to help us talk to him about his little niece :-)

  • My daughter loves any kind of role playing – she loves to pretend to look after her ‘baby’ while i’m looking after her brother!

  • My little girl likes to play with dolls so she can be just like Mummy is with her baby brother

  • My daughter loves cuddling her dolly and kissing her because that’s what I do with her.

  • My niece is doll mad! My daughter, who is all grown up now, loved them too and so did her twin brother at times but he wont admit that now!

  • My little girl Heidi loves playing with her dolls, she likes to play mum and I hear her talking to her dolls in the same way I talk to her lol it is so cute!
    Her dolls are great company for her, she spends alot of time with them infact she has a routine with them daily.

  • Both my daughters love to play with dolls so they can pretend to be ‘mummys’ and copy me! They especially love to dress them, push them in their buggies, bath them and put them to bed. Good practise for them I think!

  • Our 3 year old is baby-mad and takes such good care of her own little ‘babies’ – they are put to bed and tucked in every night. So caring. <3

  • My granddaughter Poppy is fascinated by faces at the moment and talks to her dollies constantly.

  • I just had twin babies and Milly – my 4 year old daughter loves copying me when I change nappies, when I get babies to sleep and when I feed them. She would love this!

  • Both my girls love playing with dolls they have tea partys and everything. They like pretending they ae mummies <3

  • My daughter loves to pretend she’s a grown up like mummy – dolls are a great toy for role playing

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