Win ABC of Feelings book to help kids explain their emotions

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We have a lovely little giveaway for you on the site today for a book focused on helping kids with their emotional wellbeing. ABC of Feelings (RRP £6.99), by debut author Bonnie Lui, is a first book of emotions for real-life kids with real-life feelings.

Win ABC of Feelings book to help kids explain their emotions

From Anxious to Zany, kids feel lots of emotions… and they can explore them all through the ABC of Feelings! A charming cast of diverse characters leads the reader through the alphabet, giving real and simple terms for one feeling at a time. B is for Brave, which is explained as “being nervous about something…but doing it anyway!”

I is for Insecure, or “feeling a bit wobbly inside.”

O is for Overwhelmed, or “having too many thoughts and feelings all at once.”

V is for Vulnerable, “opening your heart to show the world how you feel.”

And so it goes…all the way to Z!

With bright, soulful artwork and clear descriptions for a whole alphabet of different feelings, this first book of emotions gives young readers the vocabulary they need to start discussing how they feel.

Author-illustrator, Bonnie Lui, is a DreamWorks animator by day and children’s book creator by night. She has a penchant for storytelling and for showing children that it’s OK to feel something other than “happy.” Her work can be found in books, games, and television, and she is always looking for ways to create fun in all forms of media for everyone to enjoy.

Do check out the author a little bit more at her website, and Upside Down Books too.

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Here we go:

Win ABC of Feelings to help kids emotional wellbeing (Trigger Publishing)

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Win ABC of Feelings book to help kids explain their emotions

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  • I would love to win this for my boys my eldest has ADHD and asd so struggles with emotions so this would be especially good for him. Thanks for the chance

  • My little boy who is 5 really struggles with his emotions. He get angry alot and can’t really understand how he’s feeling. This book would be wonderful for us.

  • I’d like to win this for my niece who’s a primary school teacher, it would be invaluable in helping the children she teaches to make sense of their feelings

  • Id love to win this for my son who is only 2, as hes currently learning his alphabet and we are also trying to get him to understand emotions and feelings, aswell as how to express them with words, and to describe what hes feeling rather than throwing a tantrum as we have just had our daughter (7weeks old tomorrow..also her due date was meant to be tomorrow too!)

  • I’d love to win for my daughter, she struggles with separation anxiety and anxiety in general, so this would be the perfect book for her to learn about how she is feeling and have a better understanding. Thank you x

  • I would love to win this book for my daughter who is an early years educator that works with a lot of special needs children, It would be sure to help her and in turn her students and family.

  • Great idea, so often we as parents say “Oh it will be ok” but sometimes kids dont get a chance to say how they really feel, I think this book would be super helpful for us parents as well as children.

  • This is a great way to explain feelings to my daughter especiallyduring these uncertain times where she doesn’t understand why things are different. She loves books. xx

  • I know alot of children struggle with emotions but i would like to enter for my son who has autism and struggles with emotion at 8 years old.

  • What a great way to open up conversations with our children. I would love this as my youngest finds it hard to sit and discuss feelings so maybe having something in book form will make it easier

  • I would’ve to win this for my great grandson. Particularly at this time children’s emotions will be all over the place. Arlo can’t understand why he can’t play with his friends.

  • this would bbe great to help explain to my youngest how she can hurt or cheer her friends by what she says

  • My 5 year old has particular difficulty in regulating her emotions and would really benefit from this!

  • This would be brilliant for our little Molly. She really does struggle with her emotions and suffers terribly with anxiety. The perfect helping hand for her x

  • We would love to win this book. Sometimes for little people our emotions can be big and confusing. Having a story can help us relate and understand. Stories are a great way for adults and children to talk about issues in a friendly relaxed way.

  • My daughter has sensory issues and struggles to handle her emotions, maybe something like this would help her

  • I think talking about feelings is one of the most important thing for a child in these modern times, and Id love to win this for my daughter xx

  • I would love to win for my daughter and my son.My son is 7 years old and he is asking a lot of things

  • I would love to win this for my little boy, he’s autistic and struggles with his emotions sometimes.

  • Perfect for my friends little boy – has so much difficulty expressing himself – its a beauty

  • I’d love to win, this sounds like a great book, it’s hard to understand our emotions at any age, but getting to grips with it early can surely only help

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