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Win a copy of Amie’s Party and a Mood bear

Our giveaway today is a charming one from Kids’ TV Incon Iain Lauchlan. We have a copy of his latest book Amie’s party to give away, alongside one of their wonderful mood bears. These are designed to help kids to understand and express emotions. Check out their wonderful feet to see exactly what we mean!

We are asking for sign ups to our advent, alongside a few other entry requirements, so come on over and check it all out.

We have two prizes to give away:

  • A single copy of the book, Amie’s party and then also a Mood bear, and
  • Another copy of the book.

Let’s hear more about the Amie’s Party and the Mood Bears

‘It’s another peaceful day in the village for the Mood Bears – until Happy Bear spots a yellow cloud on the horizon and knows someone needs her help. The cloud takes Happy Bear to Amie, who feels lonely and sad after moving to a new flat far away from her friends. She has no one to celebrate her birthday with her, either. So, Happy Bear throws a party for Amie’s big day and invites some very special guests to remind her that she is never alone.’

From Amie’s Party, Iain Lauchlan

Amie’s Party is the second book in the series following on from the success of Molly’s Tree, published by Trigger Publishing.

Iain Lauchlan has been involved in the entertainment business for 40+ years as an actor, director, writer and producer on shows including Plays for Today, The Camerons, Kings Royal, Hannay, and Taggart, but also presented on BBC Playschool for 8 years, the very successful Fingermouse series for BBC, BBC Playdays, Storytime and Fun Song Factory.

His writing partnership with Will Brenton spanned 17 years including Playdays for BBC, Fun Song Factory for Universal and ITV, the Tweenies, Boo and BB3B for BBC.

Iain was series producer and script editor on the very successful Bafta winning children’s series Tweenies, Producer on Boo and BB3B, Fun Song Factory and Jim Jam and Sunny for ITV and was responsible for delivering top quality programmes such as Wibbly Pig.

The mood bears are an amazing collection of bears that are here to help kids to understand their feelings; and to just cuddle them too. There are eight bears in total, and our favourite is Happy, but Silly bear is pretty dam cute too!

How to win your mood bears and books

Entry is through the Gleam software below. We have a few methods for entry for this competition, and remember, you also have two chances to win as this giveaway includes two prizes; an overall winner and a runner up who get just the book.

Win a mood bear and copy of Amie’s Party (Runner up prize of Amie’s Party)

Here are the ways you can enter this giveaway:

  • Follow Mood Bears Twitter account,
  • Retweet the tweet about our advent competitions so others know all about what we are getting up to,
  • Sign up to the Advent, and even the overall giveaways list, as we know you love what we do on the site (!),
  • Visit our Christmas ideas section so that you can keep the kids entertained this Christmas, as well as sort their gifts through our site,
  • Follow KiddyCharts on Twitter, too, and finally]
  • Share your unique link about the giveaway, and if others enter through that link, that is more entries for you!

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