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Win £50 Tesco voucher and seven stacks of Ora #KiddyChartsAdvent (Plus nine other Ora winners)

It is DAY TWO of our 12 festive Christmas giveaways in 12 days! With Christmas just around the corner, now’s the time to stock up on household essentials to ensure you get through the festive season with your house intact. And Ora, the world’s first round household towel, is just what you need. So enter for a chance to win a £50 Tesco voucher, and 7 stacks of Ora. If you missed yesterdays giveaway – you can win a Micro Deluxe Microscooter there is still time to enter!

Enter for a chance to win 50 tesco voucher and seven stacks of ora

Ora – The Must-Have Household Christmas Essential

Ora is the household towel that is round instead of square. It’s unique stacking design offers an easy one-hand grab and, with no perforations, it ensures there is no tearing, no unravelling and no wastage.

The range consists of single, double and triple packs as well as bespoke base holders. The base holder is strong, durable and smartly designed offering somewhere secure to place that paper towel. It is also dishwasher proof and lightweight.

Ora is versatile enough to be used everywhere around the home, from dusting in the living room, cleaning kitchen cabinets and stove tops, to washing your windows and doors. But in addition to Ora being great a cleaning product, its versatility ensures it can be used beyond cleaning. Try it for other household activities, such as cooking, baking and even arts and crafts. So, if you get to the point where you’ve had enough of cleaning, you can use Ora to do some Christmassy arts and crafts such as making snowflakes and snowmen!


The Ora single pack contains the same number of sheets as two conventional kitchen rolls, yet it lasts longer and takes up less space in your home.  Being compact means it’s easy to take from room to room, and its stylish and contemporary look means it never looks out of place.

So what more could you ask for this Christmas? A household towel that not only can be used to clean up Christmas spills and mess but a paper towel that can be used for baking, for cooking and even for arts and crafts. Happy Christmas!

One lucky winner will receive a £50 Tesco voucher along with 7 single stacks and an Ora base holder. Runners up will receive 7 stacks of Ora and a base holder.

So without further ado – here is the entry widget and we wish you best of luck! Remember, you can earn extra entries by sharing a link to this competition with your friends if they take part too.

Day 2 – £50 Tesco voucher and 7 ora stock and base holder (1 available) plus seven packs of Ora and a base holder (9 available)

This competition ends at 11.59pm on 5th January. We will announce the winner as soon as we can after the close date. All our standard terms and conditions apply, and this is for UK and Ireland delivery only.

We would like to mention this awesome Message in a Bottle website – for making the online chart with their super cute characters in it – with Kiki their bird included :-D

50 tesco voucher and seven stacks of ora

Ora is on sale at Tesco in the UK and on-line at For further information, visit:

KiddyCharts 12 Days Giveaways

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This is a sponsored giveaway.

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Nicola Doherty

Thursday 5th of January 2017

Ora looks quirky and convenient! I always end up using too much kitchen roll this looks a better method !! Need to keep an eye out in the supermarket !!

Evette Williams

Wednesday 4th of January 2017

Ora makes a wonderfully useful addition to my kitchen and looks handsome on my work top

Darren Keane

Thursday 8th of December 2016

Interesting household towel. Never see round instead of square.

Lauren Belle du Brighton

Monday 5th of December 2016

I've never seen this before! Looks clever

Rachel Heap

Friday 2nd of December 2016

Awesome prize #KiddyChartsAdvent

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