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£170 Quarto Group book giveaway: A bundle for school and for you

We have another charming giveaway for you for the site today from Quarto group. We love the kids’ books that this company has; bright, engaging and educational. This bundle includes 10 picture books, with a range of themes, but the over-arching idea of fun for the kids, while they learn.

The bundle will be won by one winner, who can then nominate a school to also win the collection as well. This would either by their school, or if they are homeschooled, one local to them.

The book bundle includes:

For more information, check out the details below or do visit the Amazon site as well for full details of each book, and the prices too.

What Quarto Group books do each of the bundles contain?


PARP! What’s that smell? In this interactive board book, a group of animals enters a lift – at each floor, one of the animals breaks wind, producing a really stinky whiff! But who did it?

This sturdy board book includes pull-out sliders, which reveal extra story details – whether it’s the giraffe’s incredibly long neck or the mystery stinky culprit! Bright, playful illustrations, and lovable animal characters will make Parp! a firm family favourite.

What is Puppy Going to Do? and What is Chick Going to Do?

These are the latest titles from the Flap Flap series, bright and fun books with interactive flaps which are perfect for reading together with young children.

Little pups and chicks go on big adventures! Look at what each puppy or chick is holding or playing with and see if you can you guess what they are about to do! Open the flap on each spread to discover the answer in a delightful, colourful scene.

ABC of Democracy, ABC Bedtime, and ABC The World and Me

These beautiful ABC books explore big concepts for little people! In ABC of Democracy, learn that no matter who they are or where they come from, everyone deserves the right to have their say. This is called a democracy. Take your kids from awake and active to catching some ZZZs in ABC Bedtime, and finally explore 26 natural and human-constructed wonders around the globe in ABC The World and Me!

My World in 100 Words: Garden

Leaf, flower, tree, snail, bee… introduce your little ones to the words they’ll encounter all around them in the garden.

My Garden in 100 words introduces a range of different scenes and objects. With bold colours and a silky-feel cover that add visual and tactile interest, this fun book inspires a deeper knowledge of the world, introduces language skills and supports emotional intelligence.

Thank You, Little Rabbit, Bathtime, Little Piglet and Bedtime, Little Bear

Featuring ribbon pull tabs and sliders which reveal extended scenes, this new board book series introduces children to daily routines and kindness. Fun animal illustrations will make this a story to treasure that can be read together by children and parents again and again.

How to win this bundle of Quarto Group books for myself and my nominated school

Guess what – fill out the Gleam, and you have your chance of winning. There are all the usual suspects for entry, with an additional option of sharing with us which of the books you like the best and why within the comments section. We’d love to hear your, and your kids thoughts on all of these.

The giveaway closes on Thursday 14th April at 11.59pm as well, so don’t forget to give it a go now, as otherwise you might regret it. Our usual terms and conditions apply.

Win Quarto Group Kids book bundle for you and your nominated school

Additional terms for this competition are at the end of this article too.

Who wouldn’t want to be reading Parp to their kids if they could, right?

Thanks as always for entering, and don’t forget to join our giveaway alerts list if you like a good giveaway. Go on – we know you do.

And check out the other competitions we have live on the site at the moment too. We are doing out best to bring you the best of the best, with prize values of c. £150+.

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We hope you love Quarto Group books as much as we do. And see you soon.


Addition terms and conditions for this giveaway:

  • The nominated school must be a private or local authority, nursery, primary school or academy within the UK. KiddyCharts reserve the right to ask for another nomination should the school not be deemed an appropriate winning location according to these categories,
  • In the event a winner is homeschooled, or not at school, the winner must nominate a school from their locality within a 10 mile radius of their home address,
  • Winners to provide the school details (including address), and contact email for that nominated school,
  • Winners need to inform the school will be contacting them about their win, and
  • If they do not reply within 7 days to the winning email, then you will have to pick another school.

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Chloe Leanne Brookes

Tuesday 12th of April 2022

ABC a world with me catches my eye the most due to the child in a wheelchair — there was nothing like this 20 years ago!


Friday 8th of April 2022

My schools newcomer students and my family would definitely enjoy of this bundle of books 📖📖


Wednesday 6th of April 2022

I like bedtime little bear best as it looks like such a sweet story to bond with my children

Sarah Wood

Monday 4th of April 2022

My special needs students would adore these books.

Danika Lloyd

Monday 4th of April 2022

Love the look of "my garden" as my little ones are starting to get excited about growing things

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