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Win £133 Playmobil City Life Pre-School bundle to celebrate our app release (five available)

We have another great giveaway for you today to celebrate the app release! This time it’s to WIN Playmobil instead of the 15% off we gave you (If you download and sign up to an app account – if you don’t sign up to an account we cannot get the code to you), and it’s the opportunity for you to win a Playmobil bundle. We have given away bundles with Playmobil previously, and our readers love them. So, we know that this is going to be another giveaway you are sure to enjoy. This time though, it gets even better as you will be getting the chance to win 1 of 5 sets of this Playmobil City Life Pre-School bundle worth £133! This is an exclusive through our app, so thank you to those that have downloaded the app and are here for this amazing giveaway!

I know you are eager to have a look so let’s take a look at the wonderful toys in this range that you can have the chance to win, shall we? And remember, we have FIVE of these to give away:

This is a sponsored post with affiliate links.

Playmobil 70280 City Life Pre-School Rainbow Daycare

The Pre-school rainbow daycare is a lovely set up that your kids will probably recognise if they go to nursery or daycare. This is such a cute play set and is completely stocked with items that you will find in a daycare. You will find that the playset is equipped with 1 woman, 2 girls, 1 boy and even a butterfly!

Some of the other figurines in this box include;

  • The daycare building itself, of course,
  • A set of building blocks,
  • One kitchenette,
  • Children’s pictures,
  • A backpack,
  • Four slices of bread,
  • A table with 4 chairs,
  • A sandbucket,
  • And so much more!

This set will give your kids the chance to prepare for them going to nursery or just allow them to have some fun playing out what they do at nursery themselves.

Playmobil 70281 City Life Pre-School Adventure Playground

What kid doesn’t love playing in the park? We know that this set will be a very attractive one to your kids as it includes a lovely day at the park just like the ones that they have. The set includes a really cool playhouse with climbing net, climbing wall, slide, and a swing.

You can also find;

  • A man,
  • A girl,
  • A boy,
  • A butterfly,
  • A bird,
  • A seesaw,
  • A sand bucket,
  • A tree, and
  • Many more cute items that your kid usually can find in a park.

If your kids can’t play at the park on a rainy day, then they will have a lot of fun playing with this playset.

Playmobil 70282 City Life Pre-School Toddler Room

The pre-school toddler room is a detailed version of the toddler room your kids can find at their nursery, daycare, or pre-school. It is a smaller set, but equally as fun. The playset comes with a woman, 2 babies, and lots of cute little accessories just like these;

  • A changing table,
  • A high chair,
  • An activity centre,
  • One basket,
  • A water bottle,
  • And more lovely things your kids can find in the toddler room.

Playmobil 70283 City Life Pre-School Children with Costumes

What’s more fun for kids than playing dress up? We have this lovely set that includes some children with costumes. These are so much fun and your kids can play dress up with their figurines just as they do on their own. This set includes 2 boys, 1 girl, a treasure chest, and some lovely dress up costumes.

Here are some of the costumes your kids can play dress up with;

  • A goblin hat and cape,
  • A magic wand,
  • A ghost cape,
  • A knight’s helmet, shield, and sword,
  • A princess skirt, bows, and crown,
  • And more dressing up costumes.

Your kids will be able to dress up the figurines with costumes that they use themselves! They are sure to have lots of fun.

Playmobil 70284 City Life Mother with Children

Sometimes kids need to just be, don’t you think? And this playset can offer them the chance to play out a regular day and outing with mum. The playset includes a mother with her 2 children, a buggy, and a bike. This is a lovely set as they can enact a day out with mum going for a walk, or even combine this with the other playsets and pretend they are going to the park to meet with friends, etc.

Playmobil 70285 City Life Family with Car

And lastly, we have a family with a car. This man with child going to the car is also a playset that can be an addition to the lovely town your kids can build if they win the bundle. Or, they can just act out another normal outing going with dad to the shops or to nursery.

As you can see, this is a fantastic gift bundle, as all Playmobil bundles are and we know it will lead to hours and hours of fun.

How to enter to win one of these FIVE bundles

We are keeping it simple because this is focused on celebrating the app launch. So the entry methods are:

  • Tweet about the giveaway and encourage people to enter and download our app,
  • Download the app, on either Android or Apple depending on which device you have,
  • Register with MY ACCOUNT on our home page, checking the box to receive notifications and offers, so we can contact you with more great offers,
  • Visit our site to check out whether you want to keep coming back – we have loads of great resources, giveaways, tips, and more there.

Hurry up and enter though, as the giveaway closes on Tuesday 12th October at 11.59pm.

Win £133 Playmobil City Life Pre-School bundle for downloading and signing up to our app! (5 available)

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Thanks for entering and good luck,


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Sunday 10th of October 2021

I love all the recourses and ideas, also some great printables :)

Laura Norcop

Sunday 3rd of October 2021

I love kiddy charts but I'm struggling a bit with the app. I can't work out how to lock it in portrait (my phone is locked but the app constantly switches) I usually browse last thing at night so I'm lying down and it's a right pain that it won't stay in portrait. I wanted to join the reading challenge with my kids but the Downloads aren't starting from the app either. I've not found it very intuitive to use so far but I'm sure as I get used to it it will be really valuable. I love the site!

Lindsey Stuart

Friday 1st of October 2021

I have only just discovered you now have an app, I have downloaded it and am impressed. I love your site, I visit weekly, I love all the reward charts and printables. There is great advice too. Fantastic.

kelly Cooper

Friday 1st of October 2021

I think the app is vibrant and stands out. The resources in the app are fantastic and love the printable colouring sheets.


Wednesday 29th of September 2021

The app looks very exciting, looking forward to navigating around it. Would love to win this bundle for my twins for Christmas

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