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Looking for free Lalaloopsy goodies – watch this space!

Lalaloopsy Dance Will Me dolls are part of a great rage of dolls that your daughters will love to boogie with!

We have been busy on the blog in recent weeks, trying to bring you more wonderful toys, and opportunities that are exclusive to KiddyCharts. We treat you well, don’t we? *hopes really, really hard you agree.*

So after all that work, we are please that we now have a little announcement for you all on the blog – we are going to be giving you lots of Lalaloopsy fun over the next year, as we are blog ambassadors for the brand! :-D

Now, if you have a daughter, like I do, then you probably don’t need me to say much more, as Lalaloopsy dolls are already something you are more than well versed with. They even have their own TV show on Nick Jr and YouTube channel!

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I just couldn’t resist the range though. They are wonderful collectables, and will entrance your girls no end. I do have a tendency to get “into” my collections, and my daughter seems to follow my lead. Lalaloopsy offers plenty of opportunity for building collections, and indulging in creative play together.

I am delighted that we are able to share with you the fun from the Lalaloopsy doll collection; each doll is made from a specific material, and that gives them their unique personality, from Star Magic who was sewn from a wizards hat, to Ocean Breeze the mermaid who was sewn from a sea shell.

Each doll has its own #SewnOnDate rather than a birthday; which is the date they were made. Such a charming idea, and one that has captured many little girls imaginations.

Building a Snowman Tree! | Lalaloopsy Clip | Cartoons for Kids

The sewn dolls even have their own Lalaloopsy Tinies, a pocket-sized version, for your kids to collect; playsets for these tinies include a castle and pet hospital to really kick start your kids’ imagination, and perhaps even some adults when the kids have gone to bed. ;-) There are literally hundreds of tinies to collect, so be prepared for trying to avoid stepping on them….

Watch out for the events, toys and great giveaways on the blog that I am going to be sharing with you. Lalaloopsy is five this year, so there are bound to be some exclusive opportunities for my readers as a result, so please WATCH THIS SPACE!

In the meantime, why not nip over to their website, and perhaps even Amazon to check out the range of toys they have to offer. There has got to be something that your little girls will like for Christmas hasn’t there?

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