#Win a fantastic Kano kit computer to help teach your kids to code (Worth £120)

Would you like to terach your kids to learn coing? Then how about a Kano kit computer - we have one to giveaway on the blog. Closes 16th April, 2015

As you know on KiddyCharts, we love to encourage kids to learn…it is really one of the key objectives of the site – from learning to behaviour to learning to craft and have fun!

Today, we have a simply wonderful giveaway for our readers, an amazing computer, the Kano kit, which is designed to help your kids learn to code; but without the need for the geek gene. We will be reviewing the product on the blog in the coming weeks, but you can get your hands on a computer for yourself and the kids in our latest giveaway.

The product is simply stunning to look at and retails at c. £119.99….

Details of Kano kit computer - who wants one for themselves, we have an amazing giveaway on the blog, closing on the 16th April, come on get one for the kids, so they can learn to code!

Kano’s have been specifically tailored for kids learning and can:

  • Demystify hadware: kids get to assemble the computer themselves, with the help of a wee story book
  • Get kids coding knoweldge: you can then learn to code the interface, and explore loads of games that help your kids expand their knowledge from coding Minecraft to solving problems with code
  • Develop problem solving: If your kids are learning coding at school; why not find a way of making homework fun with this toy?
  • Inspire creative minds: Get your kids thinking up their own Apps, and getting creative with technology…you never know what it can lead to, do you?
  • Give you a break! Kano is designed to provide a “story” for your kids, so you don’t need to be on hand to help – kids are guided through the processes involved. In addition, there are resources on the internet to provide a safe experience for them too.

For more ideas, do visit their Facebook page.

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Kano – Make your own computer to help teach your kids to code

This giveaway ends on Thursday 16th April at 11.59pm. Our usual terms and conditions apply – for this competition, we will ship outside the UK as well…the company is happy for those who are located within any of their standard shipping locations to enter. This includes countries in Asia, North America and Europe, so do check whether we cover your location.


  • it is important for children to learn about coding and using computers as it is necessary in this day and age to have such skills :)

  • This is a great product, to teach younger kids then anyone to code and build a computer, now its time for the future

  • As more and more will be done online I think it’s important for kids to learn as much as they can to do with how things are done on computers as it will help them with their future

  • I think it’s important as everything is done online now and more jobs are gonna call for this skill set as time goes on

  • I think coding is really important to learn for children, because computer skills are necessary now but also coding let’s children learn problem solving in a fun and interesting way.

  • It’s the way of the future and an important skill to learn. In years to come they will have an advantage in the jobs market.

  • Technology is a massive part of our lives now and I think it is good to start teaching children from a young age.

  • I think it is important for children to learn coding because it will help prepare them for their future in our ever expanding technology driven world.

  • Fantastic skills for children to learn understand and then develop as they do. To be honest I would find this really interesting too as use I.T every day but don’t understand the coding element. A fantastic idea that is perfect for the world we live in.

  • An invaluable skill for children to learn and a great simple and exciting kit. Not seen anything like this and think it’s an excellent idea

  • With advancements in technology and more reliance on computers within organisations if children can learn about technology younger they will be much more prepared for use of technology in later life.

  • I really really wish I learnt coding! But of course this is not something that’s been offered to us middle-aged folks when we were young. Today’s kids have the chance, and they should grab it!

  • In the modern IT led world the chance for children to learn coding early will give them an advantage and perhaps help the next generation of developers become interested in IT.

  • coding is a necessary skill as it teaches them to be logical and analytically. It teaches other skills such as patience and concentrating when trying to debug the code when not working.

  • Because computers are in everything now; it helps kids to understand how computers work and are controlled and how apps work. It demystifies all electronic gadgetry and makes them aware of the possible security risks.

  • Computing and computers are now part of everyone’s life and will increasingly continue to impact day-to-day life. I believe my grandchildren will need coding skills for whatever path they choose to follow.

  • Every child should be able to explore computer science and starting at an early age will give them an advantage as they are able to pick up information very quickly it is also a great way of developing their imagination.

  • As the world becomes more computerised, it’s important to move with the times and learn the skillset they will need in the future.

  • The world is so focused on technology now that learning to code opens up many doors for the future, and it enables them to learn in a fun way as the possibilities are endless for what they can create.

  • I think its important for kids to learn everything they can, it gives them a better start in life and a larger opportunity to achieve their goals in life :)

  • Coding is going to be a skill needed for children in the job market, there’s already a shortage. Learning early is a great idea

  • Would love this for my granddaughter as shes at the age where she picks things up really fast, and computers are the future.

  • This is just brilliant educational, fun to do and a great result at the end technology is the way forward and knowing how it comes together is just brillant

  • This will be awesome for my nephew… He’s so inquisitive and loves computers.. Building his own computer and coding it will be a great skill

  • I think it’s important because technology is always developing and kids should feel confident when faced with it

  • I think it’s important because computer technology is the future and the now technology its good to start to learn your child the basics of an computer so its more easier at school great prize <3 fingers crossed

  • Computers and technology are part of everyday life now so it’s good for children to start learning at an early age

  • Its very important, because as the world becomes more digital, high tech and computer based, they are going to need coding skills for many jobs so yeah I think its going to be an important skill to have as they grow up. :)

  • Technology is everywhere and it is a very useful skill to have. There is a huge market for newly created apps and new computer programs so it could stand a child in a very good position for expanding skills and job opportunities in the future.

  • Computers are such a big part of everyday life, coding will help children understand how they work. Plus if I get my kids on with it now they’ll be able to sort my website for me instead of me having to pay someone, lol :)

  • Computers are becoming ever more prominent in society so learning to code at a young age will hopefully give them the skills to have gain a job when they are older. As their is also a degree of logic to programming commands it helps a child’s brain to learn and process in new ways which help with their retention of other things taught at school.

  • My fiance is a programmer so I’m a bit biased but coding is the future. I’m a teacher an at a conference about 8 years ago we were told whatever we teach our children tesco homology wise in secondary school will be obsolete by the time they leave uni. For this reason alone it is so important t that they learn how to problem solve and how things work in the background. We need to teach children how to find answers and investigate more

  • the world is IT dependant these days so kids need to get an earliest start as possible to be able to keep up with technology advancements

  • Technology is advancing so fast I would not want my child to fall behind in this cruel world of dog eat dog to get a job!

  • so many children are introduced to computers at such an early age they get used to using software but they don’t really understand the workings behind the technology.

  • Aside from becoming a part of the IT curriculum from September, coding is vital to making sure children understand how to solve problems in a way computer does – breaking it down to smaller tasks first, then making them work together to tackle larger problems.

  • I think its important for children to learn coding as, problem solving has always been very important in our children’s education. But now in the technological age we live in, to decode and write coded data is even more important. The building blocks for life have changed. This should piece of tech should be available to every child. Essential.

  • Even now, I see the relics at work who have to use a slight bit of HTML in their marketing roles and they panic and complain! Every role is going digital in some way, and it’s best kids learn this foreign language early so they don’t become tomorrow’s dinosaurs.

  • As a computer teacher I learn that coding is a way for children to learn a basic logic thinking. It also train to implement the creativity to anything that easy to write.

  • yes i do because computers are everywhere now and they will need this knowledge more than we did as kids due to the technology of their future

  • Coding is an essential skill because it teaches kids to think logically and be able to problem solve, and that’s applicable to their future regardless of what they do. But nowadays, there are so many creative and career opportunities where they’d benefit from having some experience of coding – whether it’s setting up a blog just how they want it, or developing a digital art project, or creating an app, or becoming the next Zuckerberg, understanding how computers and programmes work really helps you to understand how to get the most out of what you’re trying to do.

  • Computers are everywhere in modern day life, even tills are computerised, so it makes sense to learn the skill that will be most useful in the future.

  • I think iearning to code is important because when they do kids have a greater understanding of how things work.

  • Kids need to have a decent amount of knowledge where technology is concerned to prepare them for the future. This looks like a great way to get them interested in an important life skill.

  • It is an advantage for children to learn coding at an early age as they will gain more understanding to it as it will benefit them using technology in the future

  • technology is so important now and our future this our children so sooner they are technology advanced earlier better I’m amazed just to watch my granddaughters open apps know how to turn on off movies make a call use learning applications so amazing.

  • I Think this is a fantastic giveaway,many thanks!!The kids today are so tech savvy compared to us mums and dads!This is the Future,so it is a great opportunity for them to learn so young!!

  • technology and the ability to code for technology is important for todays advancements in almost all field, this will become more so in the future. the ability to use computers and code for them will become a necessity in the future rather than an option

  • I think it is a necessary skill to learn as the way things are developing there will be a lot of jobs requiring this in the future.

  • Expert computer knowledge may be essential when they are grown ups and could certainly create employment opportunities.

  • its great to have any computer skill now when your a kid coding would give them a great advantage to understand more

  • Necessity? No, but it would be very good to learn as it also develops great logical thinking and problem solving skills.

  • Dear Helen,

    nowadays everything uses code from simply fixing a problem on your computer to making a game on python all of these however are important i am 12 and programme all the time from it a simple game of tetris to a deciphering programme that allows to computers to chat in cipher it is all important for kids to understand how to keep up with technology so they can do the best that is possible for them in later ICT life

    thank you,

  • Technology is a massive part of our lives now and learning to code will be as important as learning maths. The best chance kids have is to learn it now so they won’t behind future generations

  • We are constantly advancing in technology and teaching coding to children at an early age will give them a leg up later in life at getting a higher paying position in coding.

  • Well we need to move with the times and I think that in 15 years time it will be a skill that is needed. I don’t see the big need for it at the moment unless you want to go into that field.

  • It’s so important to give children an educational edge now a days. This sounds like a great product I would love to win for my granddaughter.

  • I learned to code when I was 14 when I bought my first computer in 1977 which had an 1802 processor, 256 bytes of memory, 2 digit hex LED display and 17 key hex keyboard. I had a great career in computers & electronics, teaching computers, electronics technician and computer systems manager. Kids now have so much more tech toys, phones, tablets, video games, computers and other things. Learning how to code gives them an insight how their tech works, a way to come up with their own apps, video games, etc. and gives them a way to provide a life for themselves and their future families if they decide to go into that field. Even if they don’t, there are many other ways to incorporate coding into using their tech devices just to make it easier to use or to apply the logic of coding to solving problems

  • The world is so dependent on computer technology now that getting kids learning basic skills at a young age is really important

  • I believe it’s necessary to help kids learn how to program simply because it’s the future, and they’ll thank us later if they learn it early on.

  • I think it’s very important because it’s the way of the future and the way they will be living and working as they grow older

  • I think the skill is important for all of us, and starting with a young age will make it even more important to start as soon as there is interest

  • I feel that any technological boost we can give our kids is totally necessary as we are already behind a lot of other parts of the world and we must catch up as soon as possible otherwise they will be a the bottom of the list in the job market.

  • With the world becoming more and more technology-based, the sooner children adapt to it the better. And if children can express their creativity coding and writing apps, it could very well lead to a smarter world in our future. One that could benefit pretty much everyone!

  • I DONT think coding is necessary, Plenty of kids want to grow up to do things OTHER than stare at a computer God Bless them…

    • All learning is useful in its own right. I recently had my eldest daughter assist me on my recent pc build. She liked it but was too concerned she would break a part to get into it. This is something I might get her for Christmas.

  • I think kids learning code is relevant to our society and how computers are a huge part of our society now. Coding is learning a new language really. And kids have such amazing brains and when learning is fun they learn so quickly and hunger for more information. Teaching kids coding in school means they can go into the workforce and use coding as part of what will be their future. Plus our brains are like computers but on a bigger level and who knows what the future holds but kids who learn coding will have one more excellent skill to use and apply in their lives.

  • In this day and age, coding is absolutely a skill I want my daughter to have. Unfortunately, she can’t learn it from me!

  • Any knowledge to do with technology will be imperative. You will not be able to get by without technological knowledge in the future. Any help that we could give our children now can only be beneficial.

  • I really love anything that gets kids to think for them self as well as to imagine so much more of the possibilists that they are out there!

  • With new technology coming out everyday having kids learn that is more step to help them adapt easier with an easier understanding how how things work.

  • wow! this is cool! wish i could do that when i was small it looks FUN! if i won, i will give this to my little cousin who is 5 this year!!

  • the world is all computer operated now.. so now adays when kids are growing up i think its just going be common place to know how to code

  • IT skills all children will need,
    learning programming will set a seed.
    At school I try to teach,
    but this fun way will be like a swim at the beach.

  • I don’t think it is essential but I do think that it is something that is beneficial for them to learn. My own two boys have been learning to code.

  • I’ve been hearing a lot about it on the news recently and how it will be necessary for all children to know,I hadn’t heard of it before then,but now I have I realize it is important.

  • Computing is now part of every day life, and with coding now being taught at primary schools it’s important for them to get any extra help they can at home – I think I’d be quite interested in learning too!

  • It could help on their mental development and kids need to learn while they are young because technology is growing fast. they need to keep up ;)

  • Coding is so important right now because of the amount of programs and equipment that is used. It will be greatly multiplied in the near future because of rapid tech. growth.

  • I think that is very important to learn skills which develop creativity, so programming is a good choice. It can also be good fun which will give many advantages in the future.

  • I think it is great to learning about coding because computers are so important for kids to learn about and use.

  • I think it is essential that children learn about code, looking forward to learning alongside my four grandchildren.

  • I wish I had this as a kid. Learning to code was hard enough if you didn’t do it at school and I can see that this will make a huge difference!

  • Technology controlls our world nowadays… I think it is essential for kids to learn a lot about computers and coding as their possibilities would grow when it comes to get a well paid job later on, or if they decide to create some great things. If I win, I’d give it to my niece, then ask her to teach me too…She’s very smart; She understands computers more than I do. I hope she’d create a good software or great applications and so maybe she can base her future..

  • Very good for creativity and develop their skills, very important for children to be to use their brains and have fun at the same time.

  • My son is a keen techno kid as well as a regular traditional kid and I want him to have headstart on a well rounded 21st century life. I want him to be able to have choices and to have exposure to many many different ways of making a way in the world and maybe making a difference too.

  • My partner is a software configuration manager and I am an IT Teacher, sadly code can be a shock to students and very few choose to take the technical route. Using code early on makes students comfortable with programming and as there are more and more opportunities using code it is essential that children are given the chance to develop an interest early on. My Dad and I built a spectrum and upgraded it when I was young and I used to create small programs and games using magazines. I have always loved computing but mainly because my interest was inspired when I was young.

  • Coding is a mystery to me, but I suspect it’ll be the norm for kids in the very near future. Kano seems like an excellent introduction to coding, and it’s a skill they’ll need to have as they grow up in this technology led generation.

  • Coding is now becoming an essential skill to have in the work place, if children start to learn this skill now it will open many doors for them in the future and will help develop many other skills/areas such as creativity and problem solving.

  • Coding is important in SO many fields now. By the time my daughter is old enough to go into the work field, coding will be even more important.

  • The Internet allows for people to create something new and instantly share it with the world. There’s nothing more empowering than being able to create – and that means coding.

  • I think learning to code is good for their little brains. It’s like learning algebra or to read music — even if they don’t end up using it in their daily lives, the process of learning it is good for them. And if they DO end up wanting to be computer programmers then it’s important for them to learn early so they aren’t at a disadvantage.

  • I think this kit is great, teaching kids coding as young as possible is the best way as they absorb more at a young age. Its a good way to encourage mathmatical and logical thinking, and could be the start of a career :)

  • Any skill is important in such a competitive world, tech is such a huge part of it so it’s important to know everything there is to know

  • The opportunities for the next generation with coding, will far outstrip opportunities for my generation – I’d love to give my son that opportunity!

  • this is really incredible! Teaching kids to code and learn this skill is so important and seeing schools not include it can make it tough as an adult to help out.

  • Technology and the world is ever changing so it’s a great skill to have at an early age and onwards. thanks x

  • kids need to know how to code because when they grow up i think computers will be central to everything. They need to understand how it works and what can be achieved with technology. I don’t want my child to be left behind so i am glad schools are now teaching it.

  • Technology is a part of life that’s not going to go away, and children need to be prepared to adapt to the changing pace of it. While programming languages do change (I remember using MS DOS while in school in the 90’s), the basics of coding don’t change. And even if you never get into a field using coding, the logical and careful thinking developed is useful in other areas of life and learning.

  • Technology is advancing at a rapid rate and the best way for our children to be able to keep up with it, is to start teaching them early. Coding is something that will be needed increasingly in the future, so our children need to learn how to do this.

  • Because humans live finite lives, all technological advances immediately feel banal to whatever generation inherits their benefits. To a seven-year-old a computer doesn’t even qualify as technology. It’s like a crowbar.

  • The more skills children learn and understand at a young age the better chance they have of succeeding later in life, coding has become an important part of technology so it makes sense for them to learn as much as they can.

  • I think it’s important because coding helps to develop a structured way of thinking which is useful for lots of things.

  • Anything that helps kids with technology is a must have, what a great start in life kids can have with products like this available.

  • Learning coding at a young age will give children the opportunity to develop a skill set that will support them into an ever increasing tech world.

  • Coding is a way to help my autistic child unlock his imagination and creativity. It is something that we can have fun doing together and we love developing new ideas and finding out how to make things work.

  • I learned BASIC at 9-10 years old, getting kids into a new “language” as early as possible makes it easier to learn

  • I grew up during the home computer boom in the early 80’s when computers were basic, and you needed to learn to code and tinker in order to get the best out of them and you were encouraged to do so. Today’s children are surround by amazing technology and quickly pick up how to use it, but they don’t know necessarily how it works. I think it’s really important that Children learn basic coding skills so that we continue to produce the developers and software engineers to work on and build tomorrow’s tech.

  • There are more jobs are appearing in the technology/ computing sectors and coding would give kids the opportunity to learn the stuff that goes on behind the scenes not only how to use computers.

  • It will be a skill they need..we have to give them the best start and coding is becoming one of skills they should have..

  • The skills involved in coding allow kids to think logically, rationally… a little bit differently – they are old skills, but this is just a modern way of teaching them. Above all (for me) – coding can help to teach kids PATIENCE – achieving something isn’t necessarily INSTANT – you need to work at it and persevere. This sort of skill is rare these days!

  • coding offers children the chance to be creative using technology – a wonderfully powerful toolkit for their future success and sense of achievement

  • Coding teaches logical thinking, which is an essential life skill for kids. Plus our kids are growing up in a world filled with computers – it gives them familiarity with the technology and makes it less “scary”

  • It’s so important that children get to know how todays tech works so they can go forward tomorrow. The sooner we can get them interested in why programs run the way they do the better their chances in the future so far as many job applications are certainly going to require an understanding of tech based programming.

  • Its the way the world is going, everything will be computerized and the earlier people learn the easier it will be or them to get really good at it

  • There is a real need for these skills so if kids can learn early it will really help with future employment. Also teaches logic, creativity and helps with maths….plus drags them away from Minecraft for a bit!

  • It is my belief that any help given to our children in assimilating necessary understanding of technology and its workings can only be of a positive force in their development and education

  • These are awesome educational ‘tools’ there should be more like this to teach kids real things instead of all these imaginary needed extra curriculum lessons that keep getting added to schools :/

  • It is such a computer based world these days that it coding is a great way to understand it and keep up with technology

  • coding is still a very large part of making computers work. so future systems can be inspired and created by young minds

  • It’s a fun way for children to learn vital skills. Software is everywhere and more so in the future. If children don’t learn it they will get left behind. It’s exciting because children see the world differently and it will be interesting to see how they want to shape it if we let them.

  • With technology advancing, it is important that we grow with the times. Kids should learn coding as a lot of future jobs will be based on tech and it will broaden their horizons.

  • The world os and will be a different place now compared to when I was a child. Being able to code opens a lot more opportunities as an adult. And as a country, we are behind in teaching our children these skills!

  • Because it’s only going to get more important in the future and may offer some good career opportunities.

  • Coding is both logical and creative and I think getting children to do both of these in one activity is great, plus I love coding and would love to teach my nephews how to do it. Great prize.

  • Coding is important because children will be encouraged to think logically and to experiment with lots of “What if…” questions. They learn from mistakes – that result was not what I wanted so what if I try……? An unsuccessful outcome is not a disaster but a clue to what to try next.

  • because the world relies heavily on technology.I think the more kids know about it the better chance they have getting good jobs when they leave full time education

  • i think its important as technology is going to be there world fab to have them starting at a young age and a step ahead

  • Coding is essential if we want our kids to enjoy the future! It’s a fun and creative way for kids to use their imagination to create useful apps and software. And if I’m honest, I’m super excited about getting Ryland into it!

  • Why is learning to code important? I think because there are always going to be jobs going in the computer industry where coders are needed–if for no other reason. What a great giveaway!

  • I’m not sure that it’s the coding so much as introducing the type of thinking necessary to code which can be subsequently be applied to a number of other fields but which usually doesn’t come in until much later educationally.

  • Nearly all aspects of modern life involve computing in some way or another and will only expand in the future so this will give them a head start in a technology that will always require people to administer and develop.

  • Computers are linked to everything now and by understanding computer code this will give them an advantage in finding a job when they’re older.

  • It’s like learning to read Shakespeare without knowing letters if you can use a computer without reading script.

  • There is so much technology out there now its frightening as I don’t understand much of it but children will need to as its the world they have been born in to

  • Very much so, although learning to be logical, creative and for problem solving should be very much part of traditional education!

  • everything in our world is run by computer and technology is not going to disappear just get more advanced, the more our children know about technology and how it works the better for them in the future.

  • Children need to be numerical, in this day and age where education is so important to get on in life, any little help we can giove our children is fantastic.

  • I think coding is important for kids to learn because it develops their creativity and knowledge and keeps there minds active

  • Computers are a big thing now, not like they were when I was a kid.. it’s pretty much part of their every day life now.

  • It’s the future. Technology has moved on so much in the past 30 years, no one knows where we will be in 30 years time but it is important for our children to get involved in the future

  • More jobs in technology are going to be needed in future so it would be great for kids to start learning now in preparation.

  • I think computing and coding is important for kids to learn because the future is technology based,just like maths and english,computing will be a big part of the curriculum .

  • There are so many job opportunities available in digital technologies. Having a good grounding in coding opens up a wide range of careers in later life.

  • Programming has always been important. Look at the 8bit home computers and the quirkyness that helped build the demoscene. To quote Fairlight member Louie (taken from the demo – we are new)
    “When I was 6 years old my dad told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school they asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up, I wrote that I wanted to be in the c64 scene.

    They Told me I didn’t understand the assignment and I told them they didn’t understand life.”

    We need more people with this passion to bring something crazy to the table. If the scene can be strong after 30+ it shows new scenes and methodologies can come in too!

  • because it’s the future- the advance of technology is swift and I think all children are capable of learning about it :)

  • I think it’s important as I’m sure that when the kids are grown up these computer skills will become as second nature to them as reading and writing!

  • Well my husband is a programmer so he is very much wanting our son to learn code to follow him ( if he wants too) also just to give him that skill which may be even more important in 10 years!

  • Because technology is the industry of the future, and it’ll help develop both technical skills and creativity.

  • It teaches children what makes computers ‘tick’ I can see my son being a programmer so this can set him on his way!

  • I think it’s necessary to teach kids code because of the speed of technological inventions. The future IS technology and anyone who is good with it will go far.

  • It helps children fulfill creative potential regarding modern technology. They need to really understand it these days :)

  • It helps children fulfill creative potential regarding modern technology. They need to really understand it these days.

  • I think it’s important to give children a good grounding in maths and logical thinking and coding can help develop these skills but is not essential. I have worked as a software developer it is easy to pick up as a adult as long as you know how to think in a logic and analytical way.

  • It is easier to learn at a young age and ever changing technology is an everyday essential to grasp in order to be employable when they grow up

  • It’s part of the school curriculum. As technology moves further on in life, it’s important that children have the knowledge and confidence with technology to enable progress at school and for potential careers.

  • It seems to be the next big thing with technology and it’s important to keep up to date as technology progresses so quickly. It’s always best to learn things as early as possible as we retain the information better so, as a child, there is no better time to learn.

  • Technology is advancing so quickly and kids pick things up so much quicker. It would be a brilliant head start to their future without them realising, as to them it would be fun!

  • I think it will be important for for job opportunies in future as everything seems to be technology orientated these days, also easier to learn new things when they’re younger

  • Technology is changing all the time and it would be amazing to understand coding as I think tech is going to take over completely.

  • with the way technology is advancing all the time its not just about being able to to just use a computer these days so learning things like this early on is a fab idea

  • Its important as it will help them build on their skills for the future and hopefully stimulate an interest in technology.

  • We are getting more and more digital and technology is advancing so fast. I think children need to start learning at an early age so that they can keep up with the technology and be at the forefront of it.

  • I think learning code is a great opportunity for career opportunies in the future for kids as this is the Digital Age we are living in.

  • I think coding is a necessary skill for children because the world relies so heavily on technology now, and it’s such a fabulous way for them to ensure they’ll always be able to get work as adults

  • Coding encourages kids to think analytically and to break complex problems down into manageable chunks that they can develop algorithms to solve logically.

  • Why do you think coding is a necessary skill to learn for children?……..currently yes – not when l was little though

    • ooops sorry l thought l had replied to say l thought that, yes currently coding is a necessary skill for children to learn but that it was not necessary when l was a child…….sorry again for any confusion

    • Hi Chris – but why is it necessary? Sorry if this isn’t clear in the question; we realise it is a skill they need, but WHY to do think it is?

    • ooops again – l’ve said it many times – if l had a brain l’d be dangerous ha ha. They need to learn how technology works and how it affects them. The younger they are the easier it is for them to assimilate the information which will help them in life.

  • Our future will be so full of technology especially computers – it is great for them to know a little of how it originates and is made.

  • Coding enables children to create virtual worlds within the computer where the only limit on what is possible is their imagination! So it developes their imagination and interest in computers from a very early age!

  • I think its important because the world is so much technology orientated kids need to learn from an early age!

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