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Win Flexispot Comhar desk and chair worth £730 (2 winners)

We have another great giveaway for you on site today from our friends at Flexispot, who are looking forward to a summer of fun in the office. We have two prizes on offer today, the Flexispot Comhar desk, as well as an office chair:

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People are being given the chance to win £730 worth of Flexispot prizes from

Celebrating a new brand slogan

Work like new isn’t just a new brand slogan, it’s their guiding ethos for an exciting new design era and brand concept at FlexiSpot.

The company are proud to be creating a pioneering new future of work, one that’s comfortable, flexible, and never stuck in one place. In a world where we’re moving more and our work life balance has become more creative and adaptable than ever, the company are focused on creating workspaces that support all that you are.

The chair sits in front of the desk.

The idea that is central to Flexispot is that old working habits are a thing of the past. Join them as they prepare to work like new – with new projects, new futures, and new adventures.

With hybrid and remote working an exciting new development that’s clearly here to stay, they knew that the creativity, ambition, and imagination that have helped us inspire so many of you in your workday had to be front and centre in this new brand concept for them.

They have thought beyond the desk to define their guiding ethos in all that we do. So, what does “work like new” look like? Alongside a sleek new logo for them, they are defining their approachable and friendly feel with rounded letterforms. They also have an innovative rhythm move with a shift from upper to lowercase – they have established some defining principles to guide their work.

At FlexiSpot, they are proud to have developed a brand that leads in kinetic furniture that’s designed to shift, grow, and create more space to accommodate all the things you do at your desk. With height-adjustable desks, bike chairs, monitor stands, and more, work has a much more flexible definition.

With our new brand concept, a striking new logo and slogan, alongside our innovative design and incredible reputation of the FlexiSpot brand, we’re ready to start creating some of our best work yet. In the space where work and play intersect, the possibilities are exponential.

Join us as we leave working like old behind us and start to work like new.

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A modern office with a computer desk, chair, desktop computer, computer monitor, output device, houseplant, vase, and text on the table is illuminated by the window, creating a cozy interior design.

We are sharing with you some of the cool ways to win on Flexispot alongside this giveaway. The company have deals through out the entire month, so don’t miss out!

Brand Day period (from 1st May to 31st May)

They have a special brand day period – running from the 1st to the 31st May where there are loads of deals on the site. Visit them to see what is happening

Huge discounts on site from 22nd to the 26th May

For a specific period within the month, there is 33% off! These amazing discounts start on 22nd May until 26th May. If you are thinking about buying, stop hesitating and bring the future to your home!

Free orders on 22nd, 25th and 26th May

This is a fabulous idea, so see if you can get your order for no cost at all. The first five successful payments after 0:00 BST on 22nd, 25th, and 26th May will win their orders for FREE!

FlexiSpot Newsletter Subscription

As always, if you are a member of their newsletter list then you wil get money off as well. Subscribe to get 5% OFF.

Spin to catch

Play the FlexiSpot website game and you can win some amazing prices!

How to win the Flexispot Comhar and office chair worth £730

Now we’ve given you all the info on Flexispot, and their amazing giveaways, and brand day onsite. Now it is time to see whether you can win with us too! All you need to do is enter through our amazing Gleam widget, and you are in with an amazing chance of winning the Flexispot Comhar standing desk, as well as the Desk chair too.

Win £730 of Flexispot office furniture (2 winners)

As always, there are a few ways to win:

  • Follow Flexispot on Twitter – this is a mandatory entry, so if you don’t do this, then you cannot unlock the other ways to enter the giveaway,
  • Sign up to the Flexispot newsletter – if you do, remember you get 5% off the site, so why wouldn’t you?
  • Tweet about the giveaway, and we do give you extra entries to the giveaway if others enter through your unique link, so why not share wider than just Twitter?
  • Visit the Flexispot website, and check out all the amazing deals that they have there.

We hope you love this giveaway – if you do, why not sign up to our giveaway newsletter for more amazing prizes on the site?

Thanks as always for coming to see us.

Take care,

The table holds a laptop and other objects.

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