#Win a Kindle Paperwhite with 100 Novels; a free kindle book service

We have a kindle paperwhite to giveaway on the blog today thanks to the free eBook service 100 Novels. Closes

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We have a kindle paperwhite to giveaway on the blog today thanks to the free eBook service 100 Novels. Closes 13th August.

Our summer countdown is now in full swing as we are on day 6, and today we have something wonderful for you all when you manage to grab that five minutes peace from the kids – a Kindle Paperwhite so you can carry your bookcase with you wherever you go – from holidays, to just a nice day in a cafe – we’ve got it covered thanks to 100 Novels. Not only do we potentially provide you with a free kindle, but if you sign up to 100 Novels, you will also get access to free and reduced Kindle books in the genres you like every day.

The Kindle Paperwhite is a lovely bit of kit:

  • Bestselling Kindle on Amazon
  • 6″ screen of high resolution
  • Built-in light
  • Wi-Fi
  • Battery, when fully charged, can last for weeks, and it can hold thousands of books – so you really can take a bookcase with you wherever you go.

Why not sign up to 100 Novels, so when you win you have some reading materials – there are even children’s books included too.

As usual entry isn’t too hard – we need you to fill out the gleam widget below, and follow ALL the instructions. The giveaway is open to only those in the U.K. too – so apologies if you are outside this region.

For more entries, do share the url you are given when you fill out the forms – if any friends enter from the links you share, you will get further changes to win.

Wifi enabled Kindle Paperwhite from 100 Novels

The giveaway terms and conditions are as usual for the site, and this closes on 13th August at 11.59pm. We have so much more for you today too, from Glitter tipped feathers to another final crab colouring sheet. Wouldn’t it be lovely though, to have a Kindle so you could just stop for a moment, and read? Why not see if you can win there? Good luck everyone.

Why not check out all of the other giveaways in the countdown too while you are here, there are some fantastic prizes on offer:

See what I mean?

This is a sponsored post.

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