Day 6: #Win Drumond Park Games Bundle worth £65

We have another fantastic offer today for you - a family games bundlle. This closes on the 12th December.

We have already been spoiling rather a lot with our 12 Days of Christmas giveaways, and we are now into day six, so halfway through – what do we have in store for you today?

Something to keep you all entertained on Christmas Day, that’s what!

We have a bundle of Drumond Park Family Games for you:

  • LOGO Grab
  • Shout, and
  • Articulate for Kids.

Just in case you haven’t come across these game, here are the details for you…

LOGO Grab – RRP £14.99, age 8 to adult

This is the latest family game in the popular LOGO series – which features many big name brands. What makes this game of ‘roll, spot and grab’ mind-bendingly different is that here, it’s the DICE you lunge for, not the cards! Two of the eight dice have bells in them – and if your dice jingles, that’s not Santa – you lose a card!

SHOUT! – RRP £29.99, age 12 to adult)

This is a new family team game, bursting with quirky trivia questions and cunning picture puzzles where you have to look, link and think – making connections between what you see on the Challenge card and what the answer is likely to be. What’s particularly great about this game is that because you’re playing in a team, it doesn’t matter what age you are, or how knowledgeable you are – you’ll still be making a contribution!

Articulate for Kids – RRP £19.99, age 6+

This game is now fully refreshed and updated for the 2014 festive season – and will get them talking… and away from their screens for a while! It’s really fun for groups of children (or children with their parents) to play together. The ‘Describers’ describe words, phrases and people non-stop to their team members, who then have to guess what he or she is talking about to progress round the board. Have a go with subjects like Dustbin, Homework, One Direction and Hiding – for starters!

For stockists and to play games online, visit, or you could nip over to Amazon and check out what they have on there too.

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Without further ado, why not  see if you can win one of these games with us now? The rules are the same as with all our giveaways on the site, just fill out the widget below. You can also get extra entries if you share the link and your friends take part too.

Day 6 – Drumond Park Family Game Bundle (Worth £65)

We have standard giveaway T&Cs on the site as we do a lot of them. As usual, this is a UK only giveaway, but there are a few specific terms for this one too

  • For the games to arrive before Christmas, please give your details before the 15th December
  • The Drumond Park PR agency are responsible for the fulfilment of this prize, and any problems need to be addressed directly with them.

This particularly giveaway closes on the 12th December at 11.59pm. Good luck!

On the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me…six geese a laying

After the golden rings yesterday, we have another colouring page today – this time it is the first of the two bird related ones, six geese a laying…don’t they look nice?

Today we have another printable in our 12 Days of Chistmas series - six geese a laying!

This is a sponsored giveaway.


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