#Win £100 to spend on toys and goodies at Learning Resources

We have another great giveaway on the site - £100 at the learning resources website...spend on what you want that works for your kids' development. Closes 12th August.

We only have three days to go in our Summer Countdown, and we are saving some of the best until last for you, with £100 to spend on the toys of your choice at the fantastic Learning Resources. A brand trusted for years by teachers, their toys offer wonderful learning opportunities for your children in the home. From their Science Lab sets, which encourage investigative skills, to their Hot Dots range of reading aids, that help your children develop their love of reading from an early age. The experts that create their toys care as much about the development and play your kids enjoy as much as you do :-D

Some of the products you can choose from include:

  • Alpha Pops which are great for teaching the alphabet while having a lot of fun
  • Active play toys, which encourage your kids to get up and go!
  • New Sprouts range of toys, which teach all about healthy eating, while letting your children indulge in some great imaginative play ideas, and
  • Gears! Gears! Gears! Gizmos Building Set, which helps creative play – and you can join in too.

The beauty of the site is that you can shop by age to find the product that works for your kids – so go explore and see what you might like to get for your children. Maybe you have a birthday coming up, and this’ll help? Or you could get your Christmas presents in a bit early even!

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Entry for the giveaway is through the gleam widget again – where we are asking you to take a look at the site and the products and tell us what you like the most on there and why. There are bonus entries of course as well; including if you share your unique url after you enter and your friends have a go at winning too.

Day 3 Summer Countdown: £100 voucher to spend at Learning Resources educational toys

The giveway closes on 13th August, at 11.59pm. So don’t miss out, give it a bash! For full terms, please visit our standard terms and conditions section.

We have some wonderful resources on the blog for the rest of the countdown too today, so don’t miss out on these. Check out the Painting pots and Multiple boat colour sheet; we’d love you to have a bit of fun alongside these great giveaways too.

This is a sponsored giveaway.



  • My 5 year old would love the Primary Science ViewScope. I’d really like the Playfoam®, we have played with some at playgroup before and it’s so wierd but so much fun!

  • What I love about Learning Resources the toys are educational but fun learning with excitement every step of the way for little fingers and inquisitive minds . My toddler loves the outdoors and anything that has wiggles and moves captures his little heart straight away so we would of course choose the lovely bug viewers talking bug net how cool is that ? The net can actually indentify the bug and provide facts I am in total awe. We love the colourful backyard bug counters they are nice and big to hold and again all different so you can identify each bug. All in all I will end with is a bug joke as this got me giggling
    Did you hear about the two bed bugs who met in the mattress? A: They got married in the spring lol :-) Thanks for the chance

  • This is such a fantastic prize, I would choose: The toy ferries, helicopters and the seacopters, my little one loves playing in the bath so these would make that even more enjoyable for him!
    I’d also get the tool set and dinner shopping basket, he’s great at role play so this would enhance it for him even more :-)

  • My 3year old is fascinated by letters but struggling to link lower and upper case.
    Snap-n-Learn Alphabet Alligators would be brilliant.

  • Design & Drill® Power Tool Workshop for him and Smart Snacks® ABC Lacing Sweets™ for her. These are great to aid their skills.

  • So much good stuff, it’s really hard to choose! I love the jumbo animal sets – it’s hard to find nice detailed animals that don’t cost a fortune, and these ones look great. I’d probably also get some story cubes to help my older daughter with writing ideas and the Tri-FACT-a game to help with number bonds.

  • Gosh, there are too many things to choose from, but the Alphabet Soup Sorters look fantastic and I’d also get the Snap-n-Learn Alphabet Alligators if we were lucky enough to win!

  • The GeoSafari Motorised Solar System and Hot Dots Money Set Two – Key Financial Awareness Skills are two things which stand out.

  • They have such brilliant items on their site, it’s so very easy to spend a lot and get carried away.

    These are the items I would pick:

    Playfoam – we already have or should I say had an 8 pack of this and its brilliant as it doesn’t make a mess and my son can enjoy the tactility without freaking out that he has mucky hands. He’s mixed the colours though so it’s not very pretty anymore so some fresh stuff would be nice.

    Alphabet alligators – my son loves the alphabet and these look like a great tool to help him learn letters and put them together in a fun way

    Alphabet bingo – as above a great way for him to learn his letters and what words begin with each letter, he already knows some such as e for elephant but I’d like to expand on it.

    Finally I picked gingerbread sort and snaps as they look great for working on his motor skills and creating games and discussion points.

  • Oh gosh! Where to start!? So much to choose from. Big Time learning clock, jumbo magnifiers, kidnoculars, giant magnetic pattern blocks, mix & measure kit ….. the choice is endless! how brilliant!

  • I love Gears! Gears! Gears!® Super Building Set – the creativity and imagination possibilities are endless and it’s not something that young minds would quickly get tired of.

  • I would spend it on Gears Gears Gears Super Building set as my son struggles with his fine motor skills which is also effecting his handwriting. He is the youngest in his reception class and finds it really hard. I am trying to find all sorts of ways to help him. Also I am an SEN Assistant for Senior school kids and i think a few of my SEN pupils would love this. I would also pick the Time Activity Mat as I think knowing the time is very important and I know plenty of Year 7 onwards that cannot tell the time. The last bit of my £100 I would want Hot Dots money set as I do not think kids have much financial awareness. My son thinks a 2p is worth a fortune.

  • First keys, toys sorter, sugar cookie shapes, tots animals, tots all about me, tots my world, clothing bingo. that leaves just under £5 left nothing on there for that.

  • Pretend & Play® Calculator Cash Register with UK Money, my daughter loves playing shops and she would absolutely love this one :)

  • So many wonderful things, but I think that I would probably choose: Avalanche Fruit Stand™, Giant Magnetic Pattern Blocks, Soft Foam Magnetic Learning Letters, Interlocking Plastic Cuisenaire® Rods Introductory Set and a Gears! Gears! Gears!® Beginner Building Set.

  • Would get some bits from the sensory awareness range for my cousins little girl who is deaf.

    I quite like the Jumbo magnifiers and the tactile letters

  • With such a wonderful selection it is very hard to choose! However after some time I have come up with a few top items! These are the GeoSafari® Complete Rock Collection, the Dino Construction Co.™ -Brachiosaurus Backhoe and Stacker Crackers™ – Opposites Game – there are some absolutely brilliant ideas on this website, thank you! Fantastic #competition :-) Would love to win!

  • The dino constriction set and the money game. Also the head full of number game so that they won’t be so scared of maths!

  • I know a little boy who would LOVE the Dino Construction Co.™ -T-rex Steer Loader and the Dino Construction Co.™ -Ankylosaurus Steam Roller :)

  • i love educational toys they are he best
    i really like the look of Snap-n-Learn® Number Bugs
    i know my grandson would love them

  • I would by the Snap-n-Learn® Alphabet Alligators & Snap-n-Learn® Number Bugs, both are a fun and colourful way to learn numbers & letters. I would also get the Pretend & Play® Doctor Set & the Pretend & Play® Calculator Cash Register, I had similar sets when I was young & had great fun. Most of my patients did survive : )

  • Such a tough call deciding on resources as they are all so useful in the classroom (soon to be NQT!).

    I would say these are my top choices at the moment as they are accessible for every child:

    Wipe clean student clocks
    Pop for blends
    Story starter picture cubes
    Now you see it, now you don’t compost container
    Snapshops critical thinking photo cards
    Sentence building dominoes

    Thank you for this competition. :)

  • I’d love to get my little girl the Head full of numbers Maths game, the compass binoculars, the playfoam and the POP for Rhyming game!

  • I would get my 2 year old the snap n learn alphabet alligators. I think it’s a great idea and the jumbo magnifiers for exploring in the garden and on our walks

  • They have amazing stuff! I’d probably buy things to help my twins with their numeracy and literacy. I love the tri-FACTa!™ Multiplication & Division, Head Full of Numbers® Maths Game, Sentence Buildings. We love science so I’d spend quite a lot on science games. The Soft Foam Cross-Section Heart Model looks amazing!

  • Make a Splash 120 Maths Mat Floor Game looks great. i love how they have the right idea to make learning fun for all ages!

  • Firstly, I’d choose the ‘Snap Cubes’ (£45.54)… I remember learning to count with these at school (as well as having great fun building shapes and towers). I’d love my little girl to benefit from them too.

    I’d then choose the ‘Pretend and Play School’ (£35.94) to prepare her for starting school in September. She already has the Post Office from the range and it is absolutely fantastic. So many items included and it can be personalised beyond limits.

    I would then pick the ‘Tactile Letters’ (£9.54). My daughter is at the beginning of learning to form and recognise words. These would be just perfect.

  • playfoam combo 8 pack looks great fun and pretend and play Bakery Set William loves pretending to make cakes and head full of numbers math game educational and fun

  • Kind of hard to pick at the moment because I don’t know the sex of my first grandchild yet (still a bump), but I love anything that encourages imaginative play so maybe some Jumbo Zoo Animals and the New Sprouts Super Sandwich Set looks fun too.

  • Design and drill power tool workshop, grill and go camp stove and farmers market colour sorting set- I would put these aside for my daughters (1 and 3 yrs) for Xmas as money is tight this yr xx

  • The grill and go stove is fab and perfect for this time of year as the little ones always want to get involved in the BBQ!

  • The grill and go camp stove is fab and perfect for this time of year as the little ones always want to help out on BBQ!

  • our little girl 7 is stuggling with all learning at school so i would pick some items to help her with reading and maths that look like fun
    the Hot Dots PhonicBooks look good for helping her read and
    Smart Snacks Counting Cookies – My First Number Game ,Mini Muffin Counters
    and the Big Time Learning Student Clock look fab for helping with maths :)

  • I would love to buy my daughter some role play toys, I Love the the Chop and cut vegatbles and love the colour sort famers market. Also would buy her some toy animals :)

  • think we would buy Gears!® Lights & Action Motorised Building Set for son he is 8 but not getting on very good at school he likes to build things this would help with his Motor Skills as well as being something he would enjoy

  • I would donate this to the special school I teach at. I would like the Design & Drill Power Tool Workshop and the All Around Learning Circle Time Activity Set

  • Design & Drill Power Tool Workshop would be my first choice but to be honest with 7 Grandchildren if I won we would have to all sit down together and study the fabulous things available and there would have to be some joint choices and compromises to be made

  • fab toys i love the educational games and would buy Crocodile Hop™ Early Maths Activity Set for my granddaughter who loves crocodiles and the
    Green Toys™ Turtle Roller Car for my grandson due in september

  • The head full of numbers maths game looks really good, it isn’t the most exciting subject for children but this would make it fun. x

  • Create-a-Maze™ for my son who loves mazes, then some more gears, gears, gears to add to the basic set we already have.

  • Head Full of Numbers Maths game (I’d benefit from the speed of this game too, keep the old grey matter active) and the Multiplication Master Electronic Flashcard, this would be great for my two nephews as they go on quite a few long car journeys. Thanks

  • I’d choose the Great Value Playfoam® Class Set for my daughters nursery class, the children would have so much fun with this.

  • I’d choose the Great Value Playfoam® Class Set for my daughters nursery class, they’sd have some fun with this .

  • My sons social and emotional development is very immature and his behaviour is very challenging. I think he would hugely benefit from the time tracker and the stop watch for different reasons. I also think the emotional cubes are a fab idea and would help him to understand his feelings more which is something which he struggles with. The hand scoopers look great. Both my children love minibeasts and I think they would enjoy using these for their hunts. My daughter starts speech therapy in October and so your resources for SALT would be very helpful

  • It has to be Design & Drill® BrightWorks – but maybe because I’m a sucker for anything that has coloured lights.

  • i would choose some of the role playing sets, i particularly like the fruit salad set and Brew it set and one of the Gears gears gears sets.

  • We would make use of most the lovely toys and activities but at the top of Archie’s list would be the Design & Drill Power Tool Workshop !!

  • I like everything on your website, because I’ve got 6 grandchildren and between them everything is on their Christmas list.

  • I would buy something from your science selection for my granddaughter and something from the construction selection for my grandson. I particularly like the microscope set and the design and still bright works.

  • I home educate my four children, and I love some of the teaching resources they have. My youngest two love counting their pennies, so the first thing I’d love to treat them to is the ‘Moneybags – Coin Value Game’ to help them learn their amounts. Then, the ‘Raccoon Rumpus’ memory game (that might actually help me lol) and also love the ‘Soft Foam Cross Section Heart Model’ too, my eldest wants to follow in his grandfathers footstps and become a paramedic, he loves learning about the human body, and know he would find this very interesting. Sincerely, this is a fab site, absolutely loads there that would help my work as my kids teacher! :-)

  • When I’m lucky enough to have a bit of the budget allocated, I use this company to buy stuff for work as they have such a great SEN range as well as motivating games that are always new and novel to the kids I work with (none of those ‘I’ve played this loads’ moans!). I like the look of the Avalanche Fruit Stand, Sentence Buildings, Magnetic wands and Jumbo Magnifiers.

  • Jumbo endangered animals, and sprouts super sandwich set, for kid #3
    design and drill brightworks, and number construction kit, for kid #2
    head full of numbers for kid #1
    Snap cubes for everyone.

    That’s probably way over the price limit but I just picked stuff I liked without looking at the price haha!

  • 1. gears gears gears building set – perfect for developing fine motor skills and a range of different hand grips

    2. Jumbo endangered animals set – big enough for little hands :)

    3. new sprouts healthy lunch play food set – to encourage healthy food choices and imaginative play

  • My little ones love role play and its great for them to get along well and interact positively with fun games. The Pretend and Play Doctor Set looks wonderful!
    They love to play shops too, and those Pretend and Play Sliceable Fruits and Vegetables look great fun!
    What a fantastic choice of learning toys :-)

  • My daughter Megan is 3 next month and wants a play kitchen for her birthday so I would get her Pretend & Play Great Value Kitchen and Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register with Euro Money as her nanny works in a shop so she loves tills xxx

  • The money value game would be brilliant for my little girl Heidi, She enjoys giving the lady at the til her pocket money for her sweets but she gets stuck on amounts etc :) Great learning toy this would be.

  • GeoSafari® Motorised Solar System
    MicroPro™ 48-Piece Microscope Set
    GeoSafari® Fossils Collection
    so much good stuff in the exploration section

  • I think I’d go for the Talking Hot Dots pen, the Lowercase Lacing Alphabet, the Gears Gears Gears Super Building Set and the time Tracker Mini

  • What a fantastic prize. I would buy a few things for my children, such as the GeoSafari® Igneous Rocks Collection, GeoSafari® Motorised Solar System and the MicroPro Elite™ 98-Piece Microscope Set.

  • Some many great educational toys with jammin gym my son could copy his dad but I love alphabet bingo fun for all

  • My twins love Construction vehicles, so would probably go for a Triceratops Bulldozer & T-rex Steer Loader from Dino Construction Co. Great selection of items. Best of luck everyone!

  • I’d get the money bags coin value game, my daughter would love this and it would help learn the value of different coins as well as helping with her maths

  • it would have to be something from the special needs range for a autistic child may be the hide away mo or the colur paddles

  • I love all of the food type things such as the Sprouts Hot Cocoa Set, the Sprouts Cookout and the Sprouts Deluxe Market Set :)

  • My son is autistic and loves the alphabet, so I would buy the
    Snap-n-Learn® Alphabet Alligators for him or Smart Splash® Letter Link Crabs maybe both :) xx

  • Loved the Exploration range especially the Bug Jars as it enables us to collect the bugs and have a good look at them under magnification,

  • I love the Gears Gears Gears Build and Bloom Flower Garden, I’ve not seen these before and they look like they would keep the little ones entertained for a while, the adults too I can imagine x

  • So much to choose from! I would definitely choose some of the snap cubes as my son uses these in school and gets on really well with them! I also like the look of the design and drill bright works sets.

  • I would get the Primary Science Lab Gear, Design & Drill Flower Power Studio,
    Design & Drill BrightWorks and the GeoSafari Jr. Bugnoculars

  • I think my children would most enjoy playing with the GeoSafari Jr. Bugnoculars, Jumbo Bug Jars, Design and Drill Flower Power Studio and the Rhyme and Sort Rockets.

  • I have 2 boys with special needs so i would choose Beginning Vocabulary Photo Cards,Super Sorting Pie,0-30 Number Line Floor Mat and something else :)

  • So hard but I’d have to say gears gears gears lights and action and Design & Drill® Power Tool Workshop

  • I would spend the sum on the following items:
    *Breaking News! Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Game
    *Riddle Cube The Game
    *Hot Dots® Jr. Beginning Science
    *1 to 10 Counting Cans

  • I think the Raccoon Rumpus game looks so much fun but there are loads of bits my son & daughter would love!

  • Gear Gears Gears Super Building Set
    Geo Safari Bugnoculars
    Under the Sea Shells Maths Word Problem Activity Set

  • I love the look of the Crocodile Hop™ Early Maths Activity Set , the twins would have great fun with this learning game and they could play with friends too. I also like the Design & Drill® Activity Centre which encourages creativity and I think it’s great you can buy an extra drill too. The Playfoam would also be on my list, we can never have enough.

  • Wow you’re right: there IS a LOT to choose from.
    Ok, £100…. I would choose (with difficulty) Snap & Learn alphabet alligators, 3 bear family counters, Green toys shape sorter, magnetic letters (coz let’s be honest, big kids can always enjoy them too!), pop for rhyming game & Avalanche fruit stand game.
    Oh, ok, so that actually comes to £101.64… guess I could do with some of those educational toys myself to help me brush up on my maths!!

    Cheers :)

  • My 5 year old loves being creative, I think he would enjoy the Design & Drill® BrightWorks™ a lot, it could be a little evening routine for him to make a nice design before bedtime and enjoy looking at it during storytime.

  • Love the snap & learn number bugs, the super sorting pie, the smart snack alphabet pops & the super sandwich set.

  • Well my eldest son absolutely loves numbers and shapes, so I’m sure he would love the 1-10 Counting Cans, and The Original Sorting Set. For his younger brothers I would choose the Teachable Touchables Texture Squares.x

  • Top of the Tables! Times Table Game, Fraction Pie Puzzles, Word Building Dominoes and Grammar Speed Bingo to help my daughter in areas she struggles with

  • I would buy a set of gears, my son loves construction toys, and something else but so much to choose from! Maybe a till.

  • I’m interested in the early years section. The Super Sorting Pie and Design & Drill Power Tool Workshop are especially catching my eye! I’m amazed that I have never heard of this stuff before!

  • The Design & Drill® Power Tool Workshop looks amazing. I love the fact that it has so much to do and yet it folds up into a case which is only 38cm square. This would be so perfect for my nephew.x

  • First of all can I just say that I am thrilled to have found this site, I have literally just Browsed through the items mentally checking off in my head how much my daughter Daphne (aged 2) would love each one! I know where I’m coming for her Xmas gifts this year! Anyhow she would especially like the food related ones; the gingerbread snapper ones, the sandwich builder and the Popsicle snap game would be my first purchases x

  • I would buy the Hot Dots Jolly Phonics Letter Sounds, Hot Dots Jr card sets – beginning phonics, Hot Dots Jolly Phonics Identifying vowel sounds, Hot Dots Jolly Phonics – First Words, Hot Dots Jr card sets – The Alphabet and a couple of the Hot Dots Tot packs.

  • I think my granddaughters would like the Toy Ferry, The Foam Dot Dice, All Around Learning™ Circle Time Activity Set and the stacking cups

  • one item that caught my eye was the trifacta multiplication and division game,my daughter really struggles with maths and this looks a great game.

  • It’s really hard to choose because it’s all so nice. I’m very tempted by the stethoscope because my daughter freaks out at the doctor’s office. Maybe discovering what they’re doing would help calm her.

  • The Three Bears Family counters and the Design & Drill® Flower Power Studio™ look fab, I think they would help my daughter learn through play.

  • The candy construction activity set
    Design and drill brightworks
    Gears, gears, gears build and bloom flower garden
    These look awesome!

  • We have a child with learning disability, so I’m really pleased that you’ve directed me toward this site — they look like they’ve got a lot of resources that we’ll be taking advantage of, even if we don’t win the competition (though I hope we do!)

    What will we spend the money on? Gosh, tough choice. There is so much there. The All Round Learning Circle looks like a good starting point though.

  • I have three kids so I would try and get them something each, I would get the youngest the smart snacks sugar cookie shapes, my son would love the design and drill brightworks and I would get my oldest the hot dots laugh it up vocabulary cards spelling set!

  • I would get the clock, the maths whizz challenge game, the rhyme and sort rocket set for my son who is going into year 1, and the design and drill flower power studio for my daughter.

  • Oh wow, this is such an amazing website! Well, my youngest is 18 months so I would buy some of the animal figures for her as she loves creating little worlds at the moment and imitating animals noises! My eldest is 8 and I would love to buy her the Hot Dots Laugh it Up Vocabulary Cards Spelling Set, and the Head Full of Numbers Maths Games :) Thank you for the chance!

  • Breaking News! Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Game
    Kanoodle® Genius
    Auntie Pasta’s™ Fraction Game
    Head Full of Numbers® Maths Game

  • Wow so much choice… Love the Famer market sorting set… Veggie play slicing kit, New Sprouts Shop it…. In fact love alot of the Role play toys :D Would get her alot of them :)

  • I really like the Hot Dots PhonicBooks & Tots All About Me for literacy. Puppet on a stick and the new Sprouts play food sets…. so much to choose from, what a fab site!

  • The design and Drill Light works and the sentence buildings would be on my list . . . so much choice!

  • If I won I would buy:
    The Magnetic Healthy Foods Set – It would get my two children involved in whats on their plate and why…love this :-)
    Geo Safari Jr BugWatch Magnifier – I’ve been looking for something like this for the summer, myself and my children love exploring woods etc and are going to be spending the summer looking for creepy crawlies large and small lol
    Magic Moves Jammin Gym – Great idea getting them moving indoors as well
    Maths Comprehension Cards – As my daughter will be starting year 3 in Sept and so this would be perfect for her :-) x

  • The larger of the 2 ‘Gears Gear Gears’ sets – I’ve wanted one of them in forever! I had something very similar as a child.

  • I love the Under the Sea Shells maths game, The HotDots Multiplication cards and the pretend Doctors kit :)

  • Wow there is so much to choose from! OK so lets make a start I need stuff for my 3yr old as he starts nursery in September so this lot will help him on his learning journey, 1) Hot Dots Jr. Card Sets – Beginning Phonics, 2) Hot Dots Jr. Beginning Science (as we love looking at insects and the world around us) 3) Pretend & Play Healthy Breakfast Set as you need to start the day right for learning, 4) Magic Moves Electronic Wand, good to get those little ones moving and grooving and 5) Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register with Money as it would be good to teach him the value of money and how to work within a budget, I might learn something along those lines too as I’m terrible with money (I’ve over spent on the things I will buy with the £100 voucher if I won it lol) x

  • My little cousin would love the New Sprouts Dinner Basket, I’d let her Mum decide what else she thinks though! :P

  • I love this MicroPro™ 48-Piece Microscope Set – it looks great for magnifying interesting items from nature.

  • oh so much to choose from, where do I start!
    play and pretend – the doctors set
    sorting shapes cupcakes – my first shape game
    gears, gears, gears – super building set

  • i would buy something for each of my 3 boys. a head full of numbers math game for my eldest (9) as he loves maths , design and drill bright works for my 5 year old because i think he would just love that and a gears gears gears super building set for my youngest as he has SEN and this would be good for motor function

  • I really like the Snap-n-Learn Alphabet Alligators. I’ve heard parents say their child only knows lower case letters (or uppercase) and this would help my son learn both x

  • New Sprouts Super Sandwich Set, Green Toys Recycling Truck , New Sprouts Reel It, Pretend & Play Bakery Set , lots of great things for the kids

  • Playfoam. We had some from Learning Resources about a year ago, and it’s amazing! Ours is all in one multicoloured lump now though!

  • I would donate this to my daughter’s Nursery, i love the Classroom Essentials range. The time tracker, and the Answer lights look fab. Also Teachable Touchables™ Texture Squares, & the Alphabet Bingo Game! Fingers Crossed

  • I would spend my prize on some of the toys for children with special needs. I like the toys which encourage ‘fine motor skills’ such as the Super Sorting Pie and the Gingerbread Sort and Snap. To encourage visual stimulation for young children with learning disabilities I love the idea of the Super Sorting Set which is colourful and offers a vast range of different activities. The Lights and Sound Buzzers would be a fabulous sensory toy for both children with or without special needs.

  • I’ buy my children some educational games, such as Head Full of Numbers Maths Game and Design & Drill BrightWorks, which look fun to play.

  • I’d buy a super sorting pie, rhyme and sort rockets, some nesting gummies and a green toys submarine

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