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Free Dinosaur Coloring Pages: Let the T-Rex in you out!

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Dinosaurs are a big hit in our house, we love Pinkoddy, and her wonderful dinosaur obsession over on her blog, not the mention the wonderful post on creating that perfect dinosaur party. We thought we would add to the dinosaur menagerie by allowing the KiddyCharts own dinosaur to be let lose on proceedings! Here he is, the lovely free dinosaur coloring pages for you all to enjoy..!

He’s simple, cute and effective.

What more can you ask from your friendly, home-made T-Rex, eh?

Free Dinosaur coloring pages: Roar!

Click on the image for your free dinosaur coloring pages.

We hope you enjoy this little fellow – if you would llike to see more of the KiddyCharts characters on the run, then do visit our other free coloring pages to check out what we have, so far, allowed out of their cages!


Tuesday 27th of August 2013

Awwww thank you solo much. In fact we NEEDED a dinosaur to colour in to fit on an activity we have been making. So very very kind of you mwah xxx


Wednesday 28th of August 2013

Great minds! Glad u like it :-)

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