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Free cute elf colouring for the kids

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We have made it through the series, today is the last day of our 12 days of Christmas printables and we are sharing the free cute elf colouring for the kids.

We have had so much fun sharing all kinds of cute printable colouring pages for kids to colour in (or maybe even you). I bet your kids coloured quite a few already, after all we did share quite a lot of them in the last couple of days? We’ve shared quite a few with festive elf, like a colouring page with a bunch of elves with Santa we shared yesterday, or the amusing elf who’s kicking his little feet colouring page. We also shared an Elf on the shelf colouring page a few days ago, that one is perfect for those that do the Elf on the shelf tradition. If your kids have coloured any of the ones we shared in the past few days do snap a photo of their creations and share it over at our Facebook page, I am looking forward to seeing how they have coloured them.

The free cute elf colouring for the kids is, as were all of the colouring sheets shared in the 12 days of Christmas printables series, absolutely free to download and print. So hurry and sharpen those colouring pens. I do wonder how your kids will go about colouring this one? Will they stick to the classic elf colours like red and green or will they go beyond that? Either way is fine as long as they are having fun. This has been such a wonderful series and now that you have all 12 colouring pages why not bind them and make a small colouring book, you can even use it as a stocking stuffer for Christmas.

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