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Easter Coloring Pages: The Easter Bunny Comes to play!

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Easter Coloring Pages: Free

Last week we had a few Easter colouring pages, and today guess what – we have some more Easter coloring pages! The time though, there are a few different themes for you all, with an Easter Bunny, a lovely little Easter chick, and some rather gorgeous Daffodils. Plenty to let the old imagination run wild with :-D

Perhaps you little one would like some green or purple Daffodils, or maybe even a pink Easter bunny – it doesn’t matter because what they look like, they are in charge with our lovely free printables.

If you like these Easter coloring pages, then do check out the other free coloring pages that we have on the site, from some of our much loved characters, to a few seasonal themed ones, there is something for everyone in the KiddyCharts coloring store!

To get your hands on the Easter goodies, all you need to do is click on the images below and the bunny is yours. We also have a lovely Easter reward chart as well, don’t forget; and guess what – that is free too :-D

Easter coloring pages: Daffodils

Easter coloring pages: Daffodils


Easter coloring pages: Chicks

Easter coloring pages: Chicks


Easter coloring pages: Easter bunny

Easter Coloring Pages: The wonderful Easter bunny


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