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Chinese dragon coloring pages for adults and kids

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On the 8th February it is the start of the Chinese New Year, and it is the year of the Monkey. Because we light to be different, we aren’t bringing you a monkey this time no…we are bringing you something even better; Chinese dragon coloring pages!


My kids love chinese dragons, and their intricate patterns, expressions and decorations. However, sometimes its nice for us adults to have a bit of the fun at Chinese New Year, so we have designed two chinese dragon coloring pages for adults, so the kids aren’t the ones that have all of the fun!

Though they are designed with adults in mind, these chinese dragons would still be fine for the older children to have a go at coloring, as though there is a good deal of detail, it is great for their fine motor skills and concentration. It isn’t all about us adults getting relaxed with our pens, papers and crayons after all is it?

We do have an awful lot of other free coloring pages on the site, for kids and some for adults, including these wonderful travel coloring pages, which are perfect for when you want to dream of going somewhere else.

KiddyCharts is known for its free printable resources, so please do follow our blog and visit our printables Pinterest board as well; we have some great resources on the internet for you there:

Here are the two chinese dragon coloring sheets for you though, which one do you like the best?

What are you waiting for - be mindful with our chinese dragon coloring pages. Grab the kids colored pencils, and get yourself a beautiful Chinese dragon for the Chinese new year.

Click to download the Chinese dragon coloring pages for Chinese New Year


If you haven’t got time to print this out, and color it in now, or you want to save it for later. Don’t forget to pin it, or bookmark the page so that you are able to do so easily.

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