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Kids cereal: Do you want some salt with that, love?

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Kids cereal: Salt contentA week or so ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing Hayley Gait-Goulding, the founder of Bear, and Amanda Ursell, a nutritionist, about the amount of salt that kids are getting in their diets, and more specifically in kids cereals.

I asked a number of questions of them both, as it is something that I have been acutely conscious of, ever since I realised that there was salt in a lot of foods, that I wouldn’t have even imagined contained it.

We all know its in Crisps…but did you know it could even been in your kids cereal?

Did you even know how much salt your child should have?

Have a listen here, and find out the answers to:

  • What’s the recommended maximum of salt a child should be having daily?
  • Do we need salt in our diet at all?
  • Why do we use salt in our processed foods?
  • Why do we have salt in kids cereals? Do we need it? Why is it added?
  • Why is it bad for kids to have too much salt?
  • Why do we like having salt in our food?
  • How much salt does my kids cereal bowl contain?

For more information, you can visit Bear’s website.

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