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Stressy Mummy – Parent Blogging All Stars #4

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This is the fourth in series of Parent Blogging All Stars.

All you need to do if you want to join in is fill out our Parent Blogging All Stars form; then we will feature you and your lovely blog on the site.

Your Name:
Nikki Thomas

Blog Name:

Stressy Mummy

What are the sexes and ages of your children?:

Three of the male variety aged 7, 9 and 17 and one female aged three

What got you into parent blogging?:

Reading other parent bloggers and feeling that maybe this would be good therapy to help me survive the stresses of family life. Once I had started, I was hooked and the amazing community of blogging never ceases to amaze me.

What is your top parenting tip to share with our readers? Can be on any topic for little ones :-):

Make the most of every day and don’t worry about the unimportant things like housework. As long as my bathroom are clean, I would rather spend time with my children now and not look back in twenty years time and regret that I spent more time hoovering than with them.

Can you share a parenting advice post with us from your blog too; your favourite one? Please include the link.:

I have chosen I’m a mum get me out of here. I like this post as it was inspired by the program and when I was watching the celebrities doing their ‘trials’ it reminded me of the interesting challenges we face as parents on a daily basis (albeit a little tongue in cheek).

Who’s your favourite parent blogger at the moment and why? Please include a link to their blog home page.:

Mum of Three World I love this blog as Sarah writes about the simple things in family life and I always enjoy her posts

If you would like us to cover your blog here, then do drop us a line. All you need to do is fill out the parent blogging allstars form and you are away! We will feature a new blogger that we like every week if we can; you’ve got to be in it to win it!

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