Seven secrets about myself: including the one about the knickers…

Seven Secrets about the Behaviour Charts guru (ahem)

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Seven Secrets about the Behaviour Charts guru (ahem)
Seven Secrets about the Behaviour Charts guru (ahem)

I was using the wonderful LoveAllBlogs site to dip in and out of blogs the other day and I came across this great post from Chez Mummy about her Kate Winslet/Gwyneth Paltrow moment where the lovely Mother Venting, From Fun to Mum and More Than a Mum Blog had bestowed upon her a fantabulous award.

The post was a few months ago, and was actually a tagging meme about giving seven secrets about yourself.  I rather liked the idea, and even though I am horribly late (as usual), I thought I would throw my hat into the ring and come up with my seven secrets.  My excuse is I wasn’t even blogging when the meme started….

So here we go…

  1. I am a secret geek. I love CSI, Doctor Who and anything Sci-Fi. I love technology too, but don’t have as much time or money as I would like to explore all of it!
  2. My knicker elastic once went in Marks and Spencers. I was sixteen. It was embarrassing. But at least the knickers had the sense to fail in a shop where there was an easy to hand replacement…
  3. My husband wanted to call our son, Rock. Strangely, I over-ruled that one. Can’t think why.
  4. I find Mr. Bloom on CBeebies strangely alluring. Probably the less said about that one the better…
  5. I am a Take That groupie; I saw them live at Villa Park last year and they are all utterly gorgeous. But I guess another secret is that I do prefer Mark to Gary, and as he is considerably shorter than me that might be a problem.
  6. I am a secret Essex girl – trying to be Cambridge but wishing I was Essex. Secretly I wish I could carry off fake tan and short skirts, but know that if I tried, the whole of Essex would move
  7. I don’t actually know what I am doing with this whole having my own behaviour charts business lark. But hey, who cares, I am loving it!

I am fairly sure that when you do a meme you are meant to tag some fellow bloggers; I wasn’t going to inititally, but have been informed that I may as well tag away…so here goes.

I am tagging just the three; @autismmumma, as she was intrigued to see what my secrets were last night when I tweeted about it, @mumsbizclubcamb and finally @coombemill. Apologies if anyone has already done this, and feel free to ignore me, as I am sure you are all very busy people!

What are your secrets?  Do let me know in the comments below – particularly if they involve pants like mine do!

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  • I have secretly wanted to be a children’s storybook illustrator.
    I have a TV viewer thing, not for Mr. Bloom (have moved on from him), Sean Bean and could listen to his television voice overs indefinitely.
    I have many more secrets though none humorously involve knickers or brassieres ;)

  • Haha love the knickers one! Not sure if I have a secret about myself but everyone is amused by the fact on my Cybher Meet & Greet post about my ears not being real as I had plastic surgery when I was 5.

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