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Parenting Blogging All Stars #15: MamaMummyMum

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MamaMummyMumOur Parent Blogging All Star this week is Chantelle from MamaMummyMum.  She is the mum to 4 beautiful girls and first started blogging to jot down things she wanted to remember.  Find out more about Chantelle below:


Your Name:

Chantelle Hazelden

Blog Name:


What are the sexes and ages of your children?:

I have four girls aged 8, soon to be 6, 3 and 1

What got you into parent blogging?:

I started my blog purely to note down memories, things I wanted to remember. I actually accidentally came across few bloggers when I became a Pushchair Trader secret agent, they in turn introduced me to many other wonderful blogs and bloggers and things progressed from there.

What is your top parenting tip to share with our readers? Can be on any topic for little ones :-) (under 8s):

Cherish each little moment that you have with your children whether it be big or small as each one is just as important as the rest!!

Can you share a parenting advice post with us from your blog too; your favourite one? Why do you like this post? Please include the link for us.:

I don’t tend to write posts giving out parenting advice more about discussing but this post about money saving tips is something I think a lot of families can relate to.

Who’s your favourite parent blogger at the moment and why? Please include a link to their blog home page.:

My favourite parent blogger at the moment is Gemma from

A lovely lady whose posts really get you thinking.

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