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Toddler behaviour – A day in the life of a 1 year old

toddler behaviour


Our guest blogger today is Clare Nicholas, fully qualified Nanny of 13 years, now living and loving life as a SAHM to Emmy and Harry.  She’s been having a tough time with Harry and asked him to write us a diary about his day.  What is toddler behaviour like during the day?

Being 1 can be extremely hard with Mummy wanting to do things and not pay me any attention.  I have put together a diary of my day … do other 1 year olds feel my pain?

5.45am – wake up and cry for Mummy

6am – drink milk, cry for Mummy

6.30am – snuggle and watch Mickey Mouse with Mummy

6.45am – Eat toast

7.15am – Cry because Daddy has left for work

7.30am – cry because Emmy is awake and wants Mummy too

8am – steal Emmy’s breakfast

8.15am – cry because Mummy is in the shower.

Cry because I can’t get in the shower

Cry because I’ve managed it and now I’m wet!

9am – scream as Mummy won’t give me coffee

9.15am still scream

9.30am still going! fall asleep on Mummy

Cry when Mummy moves me

11am eat lunch – throw on floor for the dog, cry because I’m hungry

11.30am cry as I don’t want to go in the buggy to take Emmy to school

12pm wave Emmy good bye at school

Cry because Emmy is at school

12.30pm arrive home, wake up

Play toys, cry when *car, horse, teddy, train, bus, Mummy* won’t do as I want…..

Repeat for a few hours

2.30pm cry because I don’t want to go in the buggy to go to school

3pm wave to Emmy and smile

3.30pm cry when Emmy won’t play with me or cry because Emmy is playing with me

Repeat, repeat, repeat

4.30pm cling to Mummy’s legs while she cooks dinner

5pm Eat dinner,  wipe over highchair,  face and hair

6am Splash in the bath, splash Emmy,  Mummy and the floor

7pm cry because I’m tired and cry because Mummy is taking me to bed

7.15pm drink milk

5.45am wake up



Add crying whenever Mummy tries to make a snack, hot drink, go to the loo, open the door or take a call.


This is my life by Harry aged 15 months and it’s SO unfair!


Image source: Serge Bertasius / Free Digital Photos

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