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I just spent £20 on going to the toilet (ish)

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Why do kids have to go to the loo so much - we can NEVER do anything else!

I spent the holiday in the loo.

Well actually, I didn’t, but it felt like it. What I actually did was spend time trying to entertain my two gorgeous kids and nine times out of ten ended up going to the loo constantly over the course of those days entertaining.

I’ll give you an example.

Zoos and Poos

We went to the zoo. It was over £20 to get in. We spent most of it going from one end of the zoo to the other; to get to the only toilet located by the entrance.

There was a wonderful parrot that said “Hello” to us on the way past the first time. By the time we went past for the third time, he didn’t say anything. I think he was as bored as I was.

In other words, if you have kids, wee-ing becomes an expensive, and VERY annoying business.

I demand a toilet discount

It seems that my two kids are playing toilet tag most of the time. We go to the loo for one. We finish while the other is staring at shiny sinks and listening to the other singing merrily in the cubicle.

We do the usual, “Are you sure you don’t need a wee?” to the one that didn’t go. They are sure they don’t, so we go out and head back to where we were experiencing the joys of Zebras at the other side of the zoo.

Thirty minutes later, without fail, we are back; as the other one that didn’t need the toilet now does.

And repeat as many times as you like – probably minus the Zebras.

So we spent at least a quarter of our zoo trip in the toilet. We should have got a discount.

Even the parrot thought so as it squawked “back again” when we went past it for the fifth time….

Do you have the same problem with trips out? Are you always having to traipse to the loo? Do you have a solution? If you do, would LOVE to hear it!

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This post first appeared on the Stars, Stickers & Smiles blog in September 2012.

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