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Audible free trial: Fancy an audiobook for nothing?

Are you looking for a free audiobook? Then have a go at this Audible free trial - you get one for 30 days, and you can cancel at anytime too.

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Every now and then, we have a great offer for you all, so how about an Audible free trial – where you get to download an audiobook for nothing.

Yep – that is right, Nada, nought, zero, no money AT ALL.

You get to try out this excellent service from Amazon without having to pay a penny for 30 days.

How does the Audible Free Trial Work?

The best thing about this Audible free trial is that you can really take a good look at the audiobook range that they have; and it includes a free audiobook download as well.

There are a hec of a lot of books to choose from within the site, over 200,000 titles to be precise. For paying members, they even have a great listen guarantee, so if you don’t like the book, you can return it straight away. The whole process is incredible easy…

  • Sign up to the free trial,
  • Pick the audiobook of your choice, from all of those wonderful titles,
  • Take your 30 days to listen to that book at your leisure,
  • Decide whether you want to continue beyond the end of your Audible free trial,
  • Either pay the £7.99/month for your next month of access, or decide to cancel with Audible trial.


Audible in action?

If you needed anymore proof that Audible is a great place to go for your books then there are 883,426 listeners out there that like the audiobooks that are available on the site. All of them could trasport you someone special….

1,000,000 can’t be wrong now, can they?

However, if you still aren’t too sure, you can always sign up for the Audible free trial. That way you aren’t just taking their word for it, or mine for that matter, you really are finding out all for yourself.

If you don’t like it, Audible are happy for you to take that free book and cancel, as long as you do so before you are into the next month’s membership. But they think you will like it so much, you won’t want to cancel. Now that’s faith, right?

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