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Help TK Maxx give your clothes story a happy ending #giveupclothesforgood

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Take your unwanted clothes, accessories, and homeware to TK Maxx and you can help raise money for Cancer Research UK Kids and Teens.

Don’t panic. No, we are not getting naked here in the office. We are actually giving up our unwanted clothes to the local TK Maxx store, so that they can help to battle cancer in kids with Cancer Research UK in TK Maxx’s give up clothes for good campaign.

It really is a simple idea. All you need to do is find some of those clothes, accessories and homeware that you really don’t need anymore. Bag them up and take them in to your nearest TK Maxx Store, where you can place them in the clearly marked bins.

You can easily find the TK Max Give up Clothes for Good bins - can you tell we are happy to give them up?!!?

These bags will then be distributed to Cancer Research UK stores within the UK where they will be sold to generate funds for Cancer Research UK Kids and Teens. It is that easy. There are children like Alayna that need our help – she is already a cancer survivor at 13.

Already a cancer survivor at 13 - the TK Maxx Give up Clothes for Good aims to help kids like Alayna.

Believe it or not, if every UK household managed to donate a bag, 25 million bags would be saved from landfill, and £740m raised for the charity.

Put it this way, there are going to be a lot of mums and dads that have piles of clothes like this somewhere in their houses….

We have a pile of clothes for TK Maxx give up clothes for good - I bet you can find one too, right?

…possibly without the large dinosaur on top….

My kids, like any children, tend to grow rather quickly out of their kit, so this is the space in our bedroom where all our clothes are dumped when they are surplus to Chatterbox and Stuntboy’s requirements. From the ski-ing tops that helped to encourage my kids on the slopes, to the four dino onesies that were used to raise money for charity this time last year; all our clothing tells a story. Why not make the story have a helpful, as well as a happy ending, by popping along to TK Maxx to give up your clothes for good?

You might even have more fun sorting through everything you have *queue dino dancing*

We gave away FOUR dino onesies in our clothes haul for the giving up clothes for good TK Maxx charity campaign for Cancer Research UK Kids and Teens.

Remember, it isn’t just clothes than can be donated, TK Maxx are also looking for accessories and homeware too.

So go on then, why not stop what you are doing and raid the wardrobes, even the utility room to see what you can donate, and help fund the research that can help to save a child’s life.

This is a sponsored post. However, we did donate to TK Maxx’s campaign, and will continue to do so – we get through a lot of clothes…

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