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Five ways to have fun with water play

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Summer is here so we have come up with five different water play activities to keep your toddlers cool and entertained on those sunny days.

Five ways to have fun with water play for kids.

1. Add Ice!
First why not simply add some ice to the water; it not only keeps the water extra cold but adds a great sensory dimension and is fun for children to try to pick up and then drop back into the water with a splash!

2. Clean the dishes
Another idea is to add some bubble bath or dishwashing liquid to the water for bubbly fun! Add in some sponges and your child will love squeezing out the water and splashing in the bubbles.

3. Ball time fun
You can also add some balls and then use a net or a sieve for your child to scoop up and collect! If you use different coloured balls this can be a fun game to try and fish out a certain colour ball and make a game out of it.

4. Water painting
Another water activity that is really easy is to do water painting with simply a container of water and then paintbrushes or rollers. Children love doing this and watching their artwork disappear as it dries. They can paint the ground, fence, outside walls of the house and there’s no mess!

5. Add toys, or even cars for a car wash!
Finally, why not get some toys clean and add some dolls for washing or cars for a car wash! Toddlers often love to clean so give them a cleaning cloth, a scrubbing brush and maybe add some bubbles too and they will have their toys clean in no time!

We hope you have an opportunity to try some of these ideas over the summer to stay cool on those hot days!

Five ways to have fun with water play

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