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Making easy sew candy cane crafts for your Christmas tree

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This month, the Bostik craft needs to be used to create a Christmas decoration, so we have been getting busy creating easy sew candy cane crafts for the tree.

Candy cane crafts are great for Christmas craft ideas. We have a lovely easy sewing christmas craft, making a candy cane craft for your Christmas tree.

My daughter helped me with this one, and younger children are likely to need a little assistance with some of these steps, but older ones should (given patience) be able to do it all on their own.


  • Candy cane crafts template, we have one available on the KiddyCharts site, forgive the hand-drawn one, but as you can see if does the job perfectly. If you do want something a little more spectacular, you can use our candy cane colouring page as a template too.
  • White card,
  • Black pen,
  • Red felt,
  • Green ribbon,
  • Pins,
  • Bostik white glue or glue pen,
  • Red thread and a needle, and
  • Stuffing.


1. Print out the candy cane template on to white card.

2. Draw around the template with a black pen onto the red felt. Do this twice on the red felt that you are using.

3. Cut out these two pieces of your candy cane from the felt, and pin them together.

4. Sew them up using over stitch being careful to make sure that you are sewing through both sides, but that you aren’t sewing too far away from the edge. You need enough space to be able to stuff the candy cane.

Sewing the candy canes craft - with our glittery Christmas fingers of course!

5. Sew until there is a small space left at the end of the candy cane, either end is fine. Now turn the candy cane inside out. Do this very carefully so the sewing doesn’t split.

6. Fill the candy cane with the stuffing, sew up the hole.

Our sewing candy cane craft requires a little stuffing before you can attach it to the tree.

7. Wind the green ribbon around the filled candy cane, making sure to keep it evenly spaced.

8. Stick down the ribbon with glue as you go along. If you wind it tight enough, you should only need glue at the start and the finish of the candy cane tree decoration.

9. Hang it up on your tree, and there you are….

We made a candy cane craft for the tree #bostikbloggers #kids #crafts #instakids

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We hope you like this candy cane craft; you can, of course, use different coloured ribbon. White works particularly well ;-)

Don’t forget to pin this craft for later as well, because you know you’ll want to do it next year too!

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