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Top tips for travelling in London with kids

A few easy and simple tips for child-friendly travel in one of the world’s busiest cities. If you have any extra advice for parents travelling in London, we’d love to hear it

London is a tough enough city for adults to navigate alone – but when accompanied by little ones, the task becomes a whole lot more difficult. For some parents, the mere thought of taking their kids on the London Underground is enough to bring them out in a cold sweat – and we don’t blame them!

At Minicabster, the minicab comparison service, our main aim is to ensure that our passengers get where they want to go quickly, affordably and comfortably. We’ve come up with some top tips for travelling around London with your children, to make the process as affordable and stress-free as possible. Effortless, child-friendly journeys await!

Get your kit prepared

If you’re planning to a day of travel around the city with your kids, think ahead. For those tots that need a pushchair, shun the super-sized baby chariot and opt for something slim and lightweight if you can. Try to make sure it’s easy to fold so that if you need to get on public transport, you won’t be holding up the rest of the bus-takers or tube-hoppers. If your baby is young enough, you could opt for a sling attached to your front or back to avoid the endless folding and unfolding of a buggy. Invest in a light wallet that you can keep handy, so you don’t have to fumble around in your bag before swiping your pass or Oyster card through every barrier.

Don’t resort to black cabs

London’s black cabs are ubiquitous, and it can be tempting to just jump into one, buggy and all, and relax while they chauffeur you to your destination. But the cost of cabs in London is extremely high, and with the meter system, you can never accurately predict the price of a quick ride – a trip around the corner can end up costing upwards of £10.00, and if you’re unlucky enough to be travelling in rush hour, the price can soar even higher as you sit in traffic. Minicabster is a great alternative to costly black cabs – it allows parents to compare verified quotes from London minicab providers all over the capital, so that they can get the most affordable deal on every single journey. The minicabs are quick, reliable and comfortable, with room for folded buggies and multiple passengers. Minicabster takes care of the journey, so you can enjoy the destination – download the app now!

Always use the lifts

If there are lifts available, use them! Escalators might seem like the quicker route to get out of the Underground or exit a train station, but if you’re travelling with numerous children or lots of luggage, there’s always the risk of overbalancing or losing your grip. Lifts might take a few seconds longer (and in the busy stations you might even have to queue for a few moments) but it’s worth it for the peace of mind it’ll bring.

Get app-happy

There are plenty of apps that can help you navigate London’s busy public transport – Mumderground is a lifesaver for many parents that have to use the Tube. This free app shows a wealth of information for parents wishing to avoid stairs and escalators where they can – it tells you which exits and entrances to use for the quickest descent into the Underground, and offers information on how accessible each station is so that you can play your journeys in advance.

So there we have it! A few easy and simple tips for child-friendly travel in one of the world’s busiest cities. If you have any extra advice for parents travelling in London, we’d love to hear it – comment below!

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