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Ski-ing in my sleep

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I’m unstoppable; I talk non-stop, I think non-stop, I do cartwheels non-stop, but most importantly I would love to ski non-stop. Even in my sleep.

Ski-ing wasn’t something my mum and dad thought I would take to. I can be a little reticent with new activities you see; they think I like to feel in control. They are confusing me for mum. She’s the one that gets a little worried. That’s most definitely not me. Mum likes to make sure I’m at ski school on time, that I have my snack bar for the slopes, and that I’m not about to ski off an edge. Though I do like to ski as close to it as possible…that’s part of the fun, right?

I don’t care what’s happening when on my ski-ing holidays, as long as there are skis on my feet, and snow in my hair.


We’ve been ski-ing three times in Chatel, Flaine and La Clusaz; I’ve been so lucky and had so much fun with my family. Every day of all our holidays has been the same. Up before the sun, croissant and pain au chocolate munched in super fast time, and sallopettes on and ready to go alongside my brother.

He’s even more enthusiastic than I am, even after a long day on the slopes, he’s still got far too much energy. we don’t call him Stuntboy for nothing.…

Stuntboy does ski-ing

This video was taken quickly by my Dad on his phone in 2013, when my brother was 5. It is shot after he had been ski-ing all day. He still has this much energy after ski-ing now….

Ski school is wonderful; two hours goes by far too fast. Everyday we learn new things, and I get to plough up and down the mountain for fun. My only problem is the occasional argument with the drag lifts, but my Dad’s usually there to rescue me, and my ski poles.


Every afternoon after ski school, I go with my Dad on the blue and the red runs. We ski until we can’t anymore and the lifts are closed. The only thing that stops us is a white out and the rain.

I love tucking into my food after the morning’s ski lessons as well. We always meet mum in a restaurant to tell her how we got on. I really like explaining to her where we have been and what we’ve been up to. My brother loves his ski lunches too. Plenty of carbs to make sure we both have enough energy for the afternoon!

Fondue Fun! #fb

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I have managed to conquer the slopes with ease. I was ski-ing the reds after only a week’s tuition on my first ever holiday. I think those black runs are my next goal. I want to be able to do one as soon as I can; and before my younger brother. He’s technically good, but at the beginning he got a little carried away with the speed of it all. I love going fast too, just not quite as recklessly as he did when he first learnt to ski. Even if I do fall, I do just what my Dad says and bounce right back up again; just like a little ball. Who’s going to let one fall stop them from having all that snow-time fun?

On the last day of our holidays, we always get our ski badges. I so look forward to this. Last time, my brother and I got our Crystal ones. I love getting these rewards. They prove just how hard I am working in ski school, and how much I am learning. They are one of my most prized possessions; displayed for all to see in a cabinet in my bedroom.

I can’t wait to add to these badges the next time I go ski-ing with my brother and my Dad. I think perhaps I was born to ski. My mum tells me that she has been on two “ski-ing” holidays when she was pregnant, once with me and once with my brother. I think that we’ve been desperate to tear down those slopes ever since. So let’s strap on those skis and get going! There is plenty more mountain photo-bombing to be done in 2016!

Mountain photo bombing!

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This is my entry into the Crystal Ski Holidays Ski Explorer blogger ambassador competition. It is written by myself, but with the voice of my ten year old daughter, Chatterbox, who, along with her brother and father, would love to be an Unstoppable for Crystal. Personally, I don’t ski, but I LOVE watching my unstoppable family enjoying the slopes, from my seat in the nearest Spa ;-) I deserve it though, I always carry their stuff to the slopes for them you know :-D

Stephs Two Girls

Wednesday 11th of November 2015

You are so good going and not joining in Mum. I'm with your daughter on the dodgy ski lift front though... :/

Charly Dove

Wednesday 11th of November 2015

Great post Helen! We love skiing although we haven't been for a long time! I'd love to get our nearly 5 year old on the slopes. One day! I'd totally do the spa too obviously :)


Monday 9th of November 2015

Good luck with the competition! We love skiing too, such a wonderful thing to do as a family (although always like a bit of spa time too!! :) )


Sunday 8th of November 2015

My sins been skiing , I wouldn't mind trying it


Saturday 7th of November 2015

Great photos - sounds like you have a lot of fun and would be the perfect ambassadors!

PS I really fancy having a fondue myself now!

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