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This is one of those simple, gorgeous rainbow crafts that is so easy to do, you wonder why you haven't done it before. The kids will love it, and the basic tools; rice, a bag, and a few cotton balls, shouldn't be hard to find either. It is a wonderful sensory activity too thanks to the coloured rice.
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Simple rainbow crafts for kids: Rainbow rice funtime!

Today we have made this fun and bright rainbow artwork made out of coloured rice and cotton balls. This is a great activity for brightening up your day especially on a cold rainy day! This activity is great for children to learn their colours as well as being a fun sensory activity as they make […]

by Helen • January 18, 2018
Five ways to have fun with water play for kids.
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Five ways to have fun with water play

Summer is here so we have come up with five different water play activities to keep your toddlers cool and entertained on those sunny days. 1. Add Ice! First why not simply add some ice to the water; it not only keeps the water extra cold but adds a great sensory dimension and is fun […]

by Helen • August 30, 2017
Mess free Father's Day card. Make dad smile with one of these cards. Make it today.
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Father’s Day card craft : Mess free activity for babies

Mess free guarantee with this fun Father’s Dad card craft! Are you looking for a Father’s Day card craft activity for your baby or toddler without worrying about messy hands or clothes..? Then our mess free Father’s Day card craft is the solution!   By using a freezer bag babies and toddlers can have finger […]

by Helen • June 7, 2016
Sensory bottles for babies are a great way for them to explore the world arround them. Sensory play is a great fun craft for mums and babies.
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Sensory bottles for babies and toddlers

Today, we have been making these colourful sensory bottles for babies and toddlers, with lots and lots of glitter in….so watch out ;-) They are cheap, easy to make, and babies and toddlers love them! Best of all, you probably will have most of the materials at home already.   Sensory bottles are great for helping […]

by Helen • April 15, 2016