KiddyCharts Gold Star Linky: Proud Mama
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Gold Star linky: What made you glow with pride this month?

Hi all. It’s back – the KiddyCharts gold star linky. Rules are simple; link up to a post that makes you feel proud. It can be: The post itself What you are describing in the post, whether its something you did as a parent or something your child achieved. That’s it. As always: “Whatever makes […]

by Helen • January 16, 2013
Projective vomit in your babies ISN'T normal - here is MY story - I hope it helps some of you to get your docs/peads to listen to you #babies #parenting #reflux #health
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Reflux in babies: Don’t worry, projectile vomit ISN’T normal

  My son is now five years old; he sleeps well, and he’s a relaxed, if slightly manic, little boy. But barely two weeks into his life, it was all very different. He was a reflux baby, and so his early days were far from calm and sleep-filled. He struggled to nap, and when he […]

by Helen • January 10, 2013
KiddyCharts Gold Star Linky: Proud Mama
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Gold Star Linky: Link up those posts if you’re a proud mama!

It’s back! If you have anything at all that you want to share that makes you pleased as punch, whether a proud mama or dada, or just proud of something you did yourself, then come and link up to our Gold Star Linky this month. It can be anything since 7th Nov including: A great […]

by Helen • December 10, 2012
KiddyCharts Gold Star Linky: Proud Mama
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Gold star linky: what have you done today that makes you feel proud?

We don’t shout enough about how well we do as parents, we are always beating ourselves up about not doing this, not doing that. Sometimes even the books don’t help. They can make us feel inadequate. Well you aren’t, you’re all fantastic. Just think of one thing that you did or your children have done […]

by Helen • November 7, 2012