Chow Mein Recipe
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Chow Mein

We do love a good chow meain so today we are sharing a delicious chow mein recipe with you. Noodles, as almost all other things, have their symbolism… Did you know noodles represent long life and it is thought unlucky to cut them. Kids are in luck as slurping them noisily, is considered polite! This […]

by Helen • November 20, 2017
Yummy Kiwi Muffins Recipe
Kids cooking recipes

Kiwi Muffins

Today we have a delicious recipe that your little ones can make. Kiwi muffins are healthy, delicious and nutritious desert for the whole family. And they are quickly done! Fresh kiwi is a great instant snack too! Put one half of kiwi in an egg cup and eat it with a teaspoon like a hard-boiled […]

by Helen • November 17, 2017
Win three family board games to get Christmas sorted!
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Win three family board games to get Christmas sorted!

If you love a good family game night you will love this chance to win three family board games to get Christmas sorted! If you are looking for a fast and furious bit of family fun this Christmas, you are in luck as one of the leading global brands in the board game sector, Tactic Games, […]

by Helen • November 10, 2017
5 tips to encourage early reading
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5 tips to encourage early reading

Beanstalk, the children’s literacy charity, in partnership with LuCiD and Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, has devised Story Starters, a new programme that enables pre-school children to become ready to read. Each child will receive a 20 minute, one to one session with a reading helper twice a week as well as a free book for […]

by Sarah Pickstone • November 8, 2017
Free Christmas tree coloring for adults and kids
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Christmas tree coloring for adults and kids

Embark on a festive colouring adventure as we have a brand new printable Christmas tree coloring for adults and kids! This is a wonderful set you and your kid can colour in together. We are already getting a little bit excited about the upcoming holidays, there truly is not a holiday more family focused than […]

by Helen • November 6, 2017
Brain food for kids Boost your child's brain.
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Brain food for kids: Boost your child’s brain in a day!

Want to supercharge your child’s brain? Then take a look at what’s on their plate. Feeding your children with the right foods can not only improve mood and behaviour but have a profound effect on their ability to focus, concentrate and think clearly. Nutritionist and Author of the Brain Boost Diet shares the top smart […]

by Helen • November 2, 2017
Study Reveals The Most Entertaining US States
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US State Map: Find out how they rank for happiness, entertainment and beyond!

Ever wondered which state ranks the highest for happiness, entertainment and beyond? We’ve got a US State Map that will reveal just that! Are You Not Entertained? – Every State Ranked by Entertainment When it comes to entertainment, every state has it’s way to take care of it’s citizens and tourist and a new study from PlayNJ […]

by Helen • October 30, 2017
7 tips to get Dad involved with your new baby
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New Dad: Practical tips for helping to get your partner involved

We have a guest post today to help new dads from Sarah Norris, who has just published a new book; The Baby Detective; very much designed to help us try to work out what the hec is going on in those first few months of our little one’s lives. Play detective to your babies’ needs; […]

by Sarah Norris • October 25, 2017
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5 benefits of Delta Wave Music for babys brain development

Parenthood is a wonderful time in our lives. For some parents, it starts off as a bit challenging, while some have a natural ability to breeze through it. Watching your baby grow and develop from early in your pregnancy right up until the day they leave for college is truly a remarkable journey. The most […]

by Jim Stevens • October 11, 2017
Free Wildflower Identification Printables for Kids
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Wildflower Identification: Get the kids spotting town plants and more!

What is your little ones favorite flower? Would you like to learn more about wildflowers and help save them for future generations to enjoy too? So would we. We now have a lot less contact with nature than previous generations had. There are a lot less flowers around us, and we seem to have less time […]

by Helen • September 27, 2017