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5 benefits of Delta Wave Music for babys brain development

Parenthood is a wonderful time in our lives. For some parents, it starts off as a bit challenging, while some have a natural ability to breeze through it. Watching your baby grow and develop from early in your pregnancy right up until the day they leave for college is truly a remarkable journey. The most […]

by Jim Stevens • October 11, 2017
Free Wildflower Identification Printables for Kids
Free printable activities & reward charts

Wildflower Identification: Get the kids spotting town plants and more!

What is your little ones favorite flower? Would you like to learn more about wildflowers and help save them for future generations to enjoy too? So would we. We now have a lot less contact with nature than previous generations had. There are a lot less flowers around us, and we seem to have less time […]

by Helen • September 27, 2017
Meditation for kids
Behaviour training tips for parents

Why meditation for kids can help them learn

Concentration is a key skill kids need for school, as well as for most of the other things they do, from sports to hobbies. It means being able to focus on the task at hand without becoming distracted by what is going on around them or by the welter of ideas, memories, daydreams and expectations […]

by Helen • September 25, 2017
Apple Crumble With Simply’s Delicious Cinnamon Ice Cream
Kids cooking recipes

Apple Crumble With Simply’s Award-Winning Cinnamon Ice Cream

This apple crumble recipe is one of our family favourites, made with real natural ingredients; it is usually demolished shortly after leaving the oven. With four kids and a thriving ice cream business which operates from our home, it’s pretty busy here but never boring. I started my ice cream business about eight years ago […]

by Helen • September 11, 2017
Printable Sharing a Shell Activities
Free printable activities & reward charts

Printable Sharing a Shell activities

We are back with another activity pack full of your favourite characters, this time we are sharing a set of wonderful printable SHaring a Shell activities. We hope you already printed all of the printable room on the broom activities we shared a while ago or already had time to throw a Grufallo themed party […]

by Helen • August 28, 2017
Movenpick Den Bosch has a beautiful terrace in the restaurant, and it even has a little playground for the kids!
Family holiday locations & tips

Movenpick Den Bosch: A Movenpick Family review #MovenpickFamily

Travelling with a family, whether young or old, can be a bit of a challenge; there is so much you need to take, and so many different personalities and little quirks that should be catered for. The Movenpick Hotels, are now offering a Movenpick Family program within all their resorts and hotels, to help you […]

by Helen • August 17, 2017
Four Gruffalo food ideas for your kids party
Kids cooking recipes

Four Gruffalo food ideas for your kids party

Time to celebrate! If you have a Gruffalo fan in your home then why not throw a party. We are sharing four Gruffalo food ideas for your kids party today and oh boy are they going to love them! These wonderful Gruffalo inspired delicious meals and many, many more can be found in the Gruffalo […]

by Helen • August 14, 2017
5 sure ways to beat baby sleep nightmares

5 sure fire ways to beat baby sleep nightmares

We all want our babies to have a good night’s sleep, but sometimes this is easier said than done. We want to make things easier for you so today we are sharing 5 sure fire ways to beat baby sleep nightmares. We’ve all been there, being dead tired and babies absolutely refusing to go to […]

by Helen • August 9, 2017
Free book covers for back to school and beyond
Free printable activities & reward charts

Free book covers for back to school and beyond

If you are running out of ideas and activities to do at home with your kids you are in the right place to find some to keep the little ones busy for hours. If you are already thinking about “back to school” we certainly have a nice little treat for you. These free book covers for […]

by Helen • July 26, 2017
12 Zodiac animal colouring pages
Free printable activities & reward charts

12 Zodiac animal colouring pages

Do you know what your sign is in Chinese zodiac? What about your kids? Chinese zodiac is really interesting and these 12 zodiac animal colouring pages are great way to explore all the signs. Getting your kids interested in the zodiac signs can be a great introduction for them to start learning about Chinese culture […]

by Helen • July 24, 2017