This is one of those simple, gorgeous rainbow crafts that is so easy to do, you wonder why you haven't done it before. The kids will love it, and the basic tools; rice, a bag, and a few cotton balls, shouldn't be hard to find either. It is a wonderful sensory activity too thanks to the coloured rice.
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Simple rainbow crafts for kids: Rainbow rice funtime!

Today we have made this fun and bright rainbow artwork made out of coloured rice and cotton balls. This is a great activity for brightening up your day especially on a cold rainy day! This activity is great for children to learn their colours as well as being a fun sensory activity as they make […]

by Helen • January 18, 2018
Knight for Kids is a wonderful character you can meet in Galdo's Gift ebook. Read the book and enjoy the craft: Make your own knight for kids
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Sir Strompoff: Make your own paper knight for kids with Galdo’s Gift eBook

Heroic stories are really popular with kids from around the world; we all love a good knight’s tale! Which heroes do your children love? In the UK, our patron saint is St George; a knight dispatched to slay a Dragon! This legend means that knights are popular heroes from the middle ages with our kids. […]

by Helen • January 5, 2018
I would like to share Travel Coloring Pages for Kids that hopefully will help people to gain knowledge about places around the world.
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Travel coloring pages for kids: What cities mean

Traveling might be something expensive or impossible for many people. The financial considerations are not the only reasons for making it impossible for some to experience of traveling. Time, health, personal situations, and family are other reasons that can mean traveling is more of a dream. But….travelling is a great opportunity to learn about people […]

by Helen • December 21, 2017
Win amazing bundle of Christmas stamps.
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Win amazing bundle of Christmas stamps from Stamptastic for an easier Xmas! #KiddyChartsAdvent

We are into the third day today, and we are getting even more festive now. Today we have some Stamptastic Christmas stamps that will take your Christmas presents or envelopes to a whole new level. There are many wonderful ways you can use these as well as many techniques to really make your presents or cards stand […]

by Helen • December 3, 2017
How to make ABC Sponge Stamps
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How to make ABC Sponge Stamps

Practicing the ABC’s can be repetitive and dull when the same teaching techniques are used over and over. Add some variety to your child’s alphabet letter learning by making these darling ABC Sponge Stamps together! Make one for all 26 letters and stamp out the predictability of teaching the alphabet. Your little one can use these sponge stamps […]

by Helen • June 13, 2017
Learn to draw Diary of a Wimpy Kid characters with your kids, so you can get even more fun out of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid films. We've got three tutorials for you on the site, so pop along and take a look.
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Learn to draw Diary of a Wimpy Kid #WimpyKidMovie

There is a new Diary of a Wimpy Kid film in town; The Long Haul (in Cinemas from 20th May, 2017). This time Mum is desperate to get her family to “reconnect” by going on a road trip. What could possibly go wrong with the Heffleys in a car with each other for a 48 hour […]

by Helen • May 22, 2017
Fun sand painting for toddlers
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Sand painting for toddlers

If you are looking for a new way to do painting with the children over the summer, then sand painting can be a fun way of adding a new dimension to normal painting. This is a great activity to do as we head towards summer, and you can make it after a trip to the […]

by Helen • May 11, 2017
10 free printable playdough mats for fabulous kids fun!
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10 free printable playdough mats for fabulous kids fun!

Grab your play dough as it’s time to get creative with these 10 free printable playdough mats for fabulous kids fun. Your little ones can really let their imagination go wild as they build playdough shapes and objects on these mats. 10 free printable playdough mats for fabulous kids fun! Are you ready to download and […]

by Helen • April 5, 2017
Doctor and Nursers Paper Dolls
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Free printable uniformed paper dolls activity for kids: Doctors and nursers

Today we have a special treat for you and your little ones. Do you have a fan of doctors or nursers at home? If you do these paper dolls activity for kids will be just a thing for them. Do you like these free printable dolls? If you missed the ones we posted already you should […]

by Helen • March 29, 2017
Baby sensory cards activity for kids
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Baby sensory cards

Baby sensory cards are a great way to entertain your baby and help them learn about different textures and colours as well as helping their developing sight. So today we have made some and are sharing some ideas on what you can include. We have made one which shows the contrast of black and white. […]

by Helen • March 3, 2017