Chocolate Easter Cake
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Chocolate Easter cake

Planning Easter desserts already? We’ve got just a thing for you, this Chocolate Easter cake will have everybody asking for another piece. Not only is it super delicious, it also looks pretty great too. Yum Chocolate Easter cake Ingredients 375grams butter, softened 375grams caster sugar 6 large eggs 2 tsp vanilla extract 375grams self-raising flour […]

by Helen • February 23, 2016
Stork - soldier cake
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Marching into your kids birthdays with a soldier cake

You don’t have to be a master baker to make an amazing looking cake for your kids. Today I’m sharing this easy to follow Stork – soldier cake recipe and sculpting instructions to make a wonderful soldier cake. Yum Stork – soldier cake Cook Time: 50 minutes Ingredients Chocolate Cake 250g Stork 250g caster sugar 4 […]

by Helen • October 29, 2015
What says happy birthday more than a birthday sprinkles cake
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Sprinkles cake to awaken your taste buds

Say Happy Birthday with this birthday sprinkles cake, courtesy of Stork recipes.  I remember my mother adding sprinkles to the top of the family trifle at Christmas, who’d had thought that a few years down the line, I’d be adding them to a birthday cake ;-) Yum Sprinkles cake to awaken your taste buds Cook […]

by Helen • October 6, 2015
Do you struggle to know what recipe to use for the perfect cake - birthday cake or otherwise? If you do, this is the recipe for you...simple, yet very effective.
Kids cooking recipes

How to get that birthday cake right EVERY TIME

  I see lots of posts in groups on Facebook, etc. asking other mums for advice on baking cakes, birthday cakes in particular of course, and there are always masses of comments in reply with a vast array of different recipes, tips, advice, suggestions, photos, links to webpages, etc. etc.  I sometimes wonder whether the person […]

by Catherine Kelly • September 29, 2015
Make a special boat cake for your child's birthday
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Sail away on a birthday boat cake

Sail away with me ….. try your hand at this birthday boat cake.  With a yummy jam centre, this cake will be a show stopper at any party. Yum Sail away on a birthday boat cake Cook Time: 35 minutes Ingredients Cake 250g butter 250g caster sugar 4 large eggs 1 tsp vanilla extract 250g […]

by Helen • September 22, 2015
ooooo aaarrrrr me hearties. Be careful with this pirate cake, you don't want to be walking the plank with it! A great idea for any pirate themed party for the kids - and easy to do too. Why not try it out?
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Ooooh aaaarrrr me hearties …. pirate cake for you to bake

For any pirate themed party, this pirate cake is going to go down a treat! It is another wonderful offering from the Bake with Stork bods :-D Be careful not to walk to the end of the plank though, we’d hate to see it fall into the sea ;-) Pirates are a well loved theme […]

by Helen • September 15, 2015
You don't get much more gorgeous that this Pinata cake for a birthday party that will go wonderfully well with the kids, if this is its centrepiece. We show you all how to make it!
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Simple Pinata cake for birthday parties

If your child likes a good ‘ole pinata, they are going to LOVE this Pinata Cake!!  The suggestion is to fill with smarties but I’m sure you can fill with any of their favourite sweets :-)   Give it a go and let us know how you get on. Yum Simple Pinata cake for birthday parties […]

by Helen • September 8, 2015
Whatever your child's birthday number is - this is a great way to get that special cake for their birthday, but so easy even I can make it!
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Easy number cake for parents and big kids everywhere

Whether you are celebrating a first or fiftieth birthday, this number cake will be perfect for all your needs. Such an easy design, and perfect for all those big and little kids out there! This is just another one of the fantastic Bake with Stork recipes that are available on their site. Why not go […]

by Helen • September 1, 2015
Whatever the time of year, this forest fruit cake is going to be perfect for those hungry mouths at home. But if you are looking for a fall recipe, then this has got to be a hit too. Forest Fruits look gorgeous on it, and taste as good too.
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How to make a forest fruits cake that’s perfect for the fall

If you are looking for something to make with those blackberries that will now be just about ready for picking in your local park, have a go at this scrumptious forest fruits cake from Stork that is so quick and easy to bake. Not only that though, it looks utterly yummy wouldn’t you agree? Yum […]

by Helen • August 25, 2015
Your kids will love this butterfly cake for their birthday cake, or any other time of year. Really simple to make but incredibly effective..
Kids cooking recipes

How to make a butterfly cake to help your birthday party fly

This Butterfly Cake looks and tastes absolutely beautiful. In fact, it looks so beautiful, you won’t want to cut into it! This recipe is just one of a series of recipes we will be featuring from Stork in their Bake with Stork series of recipes; watch out for the other on the blog in our Cook […]

by Helen • August 20, 2015