Back to School

Reading is one of life's amazing pleasures. We've got 15+ back to school books for your kids to explore to make them smile as much as this gorgeous lady!

15+ books about starting school and why regular reading helps them settle in

We have a guest post today; BookTrust CEO Diana Gerald explains why regular reading and sharing stories help children prepare for school life and ease them in, especially in the early years. We’ve also got 15+ great books about starting school too, to help them even more! By now, the holidays will seem an all […]

by Helen • September 6, 2017
It is back to school time, and there are many first days happening - so if this is happening to your kids, why not caption your photos with our great Free printables about it!
Free printable activities & reward charts

Free Back to School captions to create those special photos

  I don’t know about you, but already my Facebook feed is being filled with pictures of kids looking fantastic for their first days back to school; all polished and pucker – ready to take on the world! I know some of your kids will go back this week, some next week, and some have already […]

by Helen • September 3, 2015
Do you hate labelling things - yep - me too! We have a giveaway where you can win some stamps so you don't need to label by sewing again...and your kids will even find it fun with Stamptastic. Closes 12th August.
Great giveaways for kids & parents

#Win Stampastic goodies so you never have to sew a school label again!

We have reviewed Stamptastic on the blog already – and I can’t say enough good things about them, they are, quite simply – brilliant. So on day 5 of our summer countdown, it gives me great pleasure to be able to offer you not one but TWO stamps for one lucky winner from Stamptastic, so […]

by Helen • July 13, 2015
Special Needs

Tips for preparing your special needs child for school

  Now that we’ve successfully received a place for T after going through the appeal process, it’s time to think about September and preparing for secondary school.  It’s taken me back to his and D’s first days at primary school, time has positively whizzed by. For every parent, especially those of a SN child, their […]

by Jeanette AM • June 20, 2014
Preparing your child for preschool: What can you do

Pre-schooling for your toddler: 5 things you should know

Photo Credit: Pregnancy and Baby – Preparing your child for preschool or daycare The pre-schooling transition may be something big for your child; it was perhaps less so for mine as they had been in nursery for a while, but new situations are never easy for little people. It is natural for them to feel […]

by Helen • June 11, 2014
Parenting Tips: Starting School
Linkies Parenting Tips Linky

Parenting Tips Linky – Instructions not included #1: Starting School

PARENTING TIPS LINKY – KIDS DON’T COME WITH A MANUAL *SHOCKER* Visit our other Parenting Tips Linkies if you would like too! We are just starting out, so do be patient. A long time ago when my son was born I struggled to understand what was happening to him – he kept being sick, really […]

by Helen • September 27, 2013
Parenting Tips

Shop More, Pay Less: Back-to-school tips for keeps

Sending your kids to school is really expensive *stating the obvious.* We all know how important providing the best education for our children is. According to Santander: “Parents spend an average of £224 a child preparing for the new school term – that’s almost 30% more than last year. And the expense doesn’t stop once […]

by Helen • September 13, 2013
Back to School: Pinterest

Back to School: 20 tips to prepare young children for starting school and beyond

Parents play a very important part in introducing their children to the big world of school and normalizing the back-to-school transition to young children. Priming (mentally preparing) a child’s behavior, practicing school-time routines, and setting the experience as a positive one (talking about it, allaying fears) are a few things parents can do to help […]

by Guest Blogger • August 23, 2013