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Shelf Care giveaways – November 2023

Every month we are running exclusive giveaways for our Shelf Care members. Here are the T&Cs for our current competition:

Shelf Care online kids book club T&Cs:

  • The book club books from Quarto Kids are provided to ten UK only members randomly as chosen from our email addresses on the 6th of the month at midnight
  • All members will receive an eBook, but sending out physical copies depends on stock levels every month,
  • Books are chosen by KiddyCharts, and there are no alternatives,
  • If we do not get your address within 14 days of requesting it, we may not be able to send on the book or prizes to you, and
  • We trust that members will share their books with the hashtag #KiddyChartsShelfCare after they get them too to spread the word about the club!

November giveaway with the Shelf Care club

Our usual T&Cs apply with the following additional information:

Past winners of the competitions within Shelf Care are listed below.

Note: We are a little behind due to a very close family bereavement. We aim to insure prizes are received soon, expected by close November 2023:

  • November 2023 TBC
    Lost: TBC
    Zimpli Kids: Not include this month
  • October 2023 TBC
    Once Upon a Witches Broom: TBC
    Readly: TBC
    Zimpli Kids: Not included this month
  • September 2023 TBC
    One Little Word: TBC
    Readly: TBC
    Zimpli Kids: Not included this month
  • August 2023 TBC
    Hare-Shaped Hole: TBC
    Readly: TBC
    Zimpli Kids: Not included this month
  • July 2023:
    Empathy Book: Kate Muggleton, Trinity Emerson, Michaela Berecka, Andy Riggio, Anne Alexander, Samantha Sargent, Frea Marais, Jen Gayer, Catherine Fung, and Jenny Burgess
    Zimpli Kids: We are sending these out, again, to those that gave us full address details on registration.
    Readly: David Wise, Magda Dekock, Jenny Burgess, Elizabeth Priest, Rebecca Clamp, Bronwyn Blothma, Cait Irving-Taylor, and James Perkins.
    DK Books: Katherine Kerr
  • June 2023: To follow after 6th July, 2023
    Mindfulness Book: Simone Chung, Kate Muggleton, Michaela Berecka, David Wise, Sarah Burchell, Mandeesh Gill, Claire Lyons, Jenny Burgess, Natalie Evans, James Perkins
    Zimpli Kids: We are sending these out again to those that gave us full addresses on registration before the 5th June 2023. If you want the next set sent out, then you need to let us know your addresses.
    Readly: Mohamed Metwaly, Ellen Vermette, Ali Willams, Valia Rizk, Louise Leary, Liz Hubbs, Michelle Miller, Gracile Ginu
  • May 2023:
    Courage Out Loud: Jan Barber, David Wise, Jacq Remulla, Deepa Shastri, Paige Wallbank, Joanne Rawlings, Jacqueline Hubble, Carrie Ridley, Beth Wilson, and James Perkins
    Playmobil: Simone Chung, Kate Muggleton, Michaela Berecka, Mumtaz Waliat, Elizabeth Iroajanma, Maureen Wilson, Jen Gayer, Cait Irving-Taylor, Rachael Miller, and Hazel Carmichael
    Lego: We are having difficulties contacting the three winners for these prizes, and will get back with details of those that won as soon as we can. We are potentially going to have to pick new winners.
    Readly: Catherine Fung, Anne Alexander, Louise Wardle, Pauline Armstrong, Beth Wilson, Trixie Cadman, and Melissa Arnold
  • April 2023:
    Hot Cross Bunny: All members received the eBook, but physical books were available due to stock levels – we are making sure there are books for May 2023 for members.
    Zimpli Kids: We have contacted those without full postal addresses for this, and will send out the blind bags as soon as possible. If we do not have your full postal address, or you are outside the UK, we cannot pass the bags on. For a list of those sent the bags, please contact us.
    Lego: There were no build challenge entries again, so this had rolled over to May 2023. We have adjusted the competition for the draw in May 2023.
  • March 2023:
    Playmobil: Pauline Armstrong, Christina Wadeley, Michaela Berecka, David Wise, James Negus, Stephanie Maddock, Jacquelyn Remulla, Deepa Shastri, Lyndsey Stephens and Alannah Martin.
    Books for Our Tower: Kirsty Charleston, Edwin Fiott, Michaela Berecka, Pauline Wagon, Elizabeth Iroajanma, James Negus, Mandeesh Gill, Claire Lyons, Elizabeth Priest and Krishma Laxhman.
    Lego: There were no entries within the modelling challenge, so these prizes have rolled over.

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