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Fun Father’s Day gifts: 7 ideas you might not have considered

You know you love your dad, and you know you want to do something special for him now that Father’s Day is just around the corner. You have made a reservation to have dinner at his favorite place and know that he will have a nice time with the entire family. But what you have not been able to solve is what fun Father’s Day gifts to give him, not your usual tie or money clip.

You may come up with an original idea like a couple of Printful custom aprons on which he will be able to read what a great dad he is, or maybe some of the other fun gifts you can read about here.

Personalized coffee mug

This is a unique way to let your dad know how important he is in your life. Customize the mug with a favorite picture of the two of you, or be generous and include everyone in the family. Then, add a meaningful saying that will make him smile every morning as he drinks his cup of Joe.

Foot massager

Your dad works long hours and is tired when he gets home. What better way to spoil him than with a foot massager. Let him sit down in his favorite chair and enjoy a foot massage that will remove the physical tension from his body after a hard day at work.

Fitness band

You love your dad but are worried about him not getting enough exercise daily. With a fitness band, he can get hooked on checking how many steps he has taken during the day or other stats related to how often he is doing any other physical movement. A fit band can monitor his heartbeat, sleep patterns, the calories he is burning through different activities throughout the day, and more.

Smartphone magnifier

You can get your dad a smartphone magnifier on which he can enjoy his favorite games, shows, and videos as often as he likes. You can get a magnifier shaped like a retro TV set and bring back some happy memories from way back.

Golf ball finder

If your dad enjoys a good game of golf, a golf ball finder can be the ideal and fun Father’s Day gift for Dad. When the vast green fields seem to swallow his golf balls, filling him with frustration, the golf ball finder eyeglasses will help him find anything white that stands out against the green background that is all around. Any lost golf balls will be found in an instant.

Personalized steel phone stand

Besides solving the problem of never remembering where he left his phone, this steel phone stand holds his device steady when he wants to watch his preferred content. He will never again have to search throughout the house for his phone when it rings. The stand is also useful for video conferences, zoom calls, and others and is always hands-free.

Beard kit

If your dad enjoys taking care of his beard, a beard kit is what he needs this Father’s Day. The kit can include many necessary items such as beard shampoo and conditioner, facial moisturizer, brush, trimming kit, and more, all in a specially designed case that is easy to store and will keep everything in one place.

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