How do us parents really feel when the kids go back to school? We ask and you answered!


So they have been back at school for some for a week or so now.

On the first few days of term, this was circulating the old Facebook timeline-y thang….

I sort of smiled when I saw it, and did the done thang and shared it.

Then I actually sat down and thought about how I REALLY felt about my kids going back to school.

It wasn’t remotely like that – and I don’t mean I didn’t feel all orange, hairy, and prone to scratching my bum. I also didn’t mean that I was running through the house celebrating with my pants on my head and a bottle of gin in my hand.

Actually, it was just a wee bit rubbish. Where were my play mates? Where was that loud noise coming from the lounge while I was trying to work? Granted, some of that noise was not actually something I was missing; the sound of bickering is enough to squash any ounce of creativity that I had remaining at fifty paces.

However, without the sound of kids playing the house felt eerily empty, it also meant I had no more bl**dy excluses not to be wokring, rather than sitting down:
(a) Making a paper aeroplane
(b) Playing Monopoly for the fiftieth time, or
(c) In my PJs all day until embarrasingly having to open the door to the postman at 5.30pm. Only slightly mind, I still have my pride despite having had kids *who am I kidding.*

In other words, though it is great that I can concerntrate on working again, the two weeks (ish) that I had off was rather nice, and my kids were great company. They are now 7 and 9, and we have some great conversations, and lots of fun together. My daughter in particular can be wonderful company. My son still bounces rather a lot, so it can be wuite hard to work out what he is saying something….

I was rather sad that they had gone back, and it had left me feeling a little bit bereft.

I wondered if there were any other parents who really didn’t have that Orangutan feeling, so I ask on Facebook and got over 60 single word replies from my prfoile and my KiddyCharts blog page