Reading is one of life's amazing pleasures. We've got 15+ back to school books for your kids to explore to make them smile as much as this gorgeous lady!

15+ books about starting school and why regular reading helps them settle in

We have a guest post today; BookTrust CEO Diana Gerald explains why regular reading and sharing stories help children prepare for school life and ease them in, especially in the early years. We’ve also got 15+ great books about starting school too, to help them even more! By now, the holidays will seem an all […]

by Helen • September 6, 2017
Back to school - never a good time for us mums, but why does it come with such mixed emotions for both parents and children. Back to school sucks!

30 reasons I love back to school…and 10 reasons I hate it!

I am writing this next to a precariously piled mountain of washing while listening to a soundtrack of my kids arguing over the noise of Nickelodeon. It doesn’t help that the first half of the summer holidays has been utterly dire and we’ve all be suffering slightly from cabin fever. Don’t get me wrong – […]

by Helen • September 3, 2015
There is never an easy time to deal with change at school - we have a few tips to help your kids rock that change!

How to help your kids rock change at school

This week with Beckie Whitehouse of Be Confident Coaching we are discussing change at school such as: starting a new school change of class new teacher friends moving away It can be a difficult transition at school for your child when there are changes.  Much of the biggest change will relate around the change of […]

by Helen • August 21, 2015
how are you going to tackle to school holiday tiredness. We have some great tips for you to get through the tireder times!

Summer term tiredness – How to survive the holidays

Summer term tiredness is our latest topic in our Google Hangout series.     It is now the end of summer term and my kids are shattered!!  It has been a very long half term and there has been so much going on in school, the weather has been hot and the children are sleeping less […]

by Helen • August 7, 2015
How do us parents really feel when the kids go back to school? We ask and you answered!

How do us parents REALLY feel when they go back to school?

  So they have been back at school for some for a week or so now. On the first few days of term, this was circulating the old Facebook timeline-y thang…. Post by Helen Neale. I sort of smiled when I saw it, and did the done thang and shared it. Then I actually sat […]

by Helen • January 13, 2015
How do you encourage reading in yournger children, while still making it a fun activity for them. We give you some ideas....

How to encourage reading and writing in four and five year olds

  Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.   This quote by Benjamin Franklin is one of my favourites and certainly one, as a teacher, that I remind myself of often.  In the classroom today it is expected that all children will learn and discover for themselves […]

by Emma Bradley • November 18, 2014

Parenting tales from the sofa: Teasing at school

Teasing at school among young children is every parent’s fear.  After having nurtured them at home in the pre-school years and being there for them when incidents happen at parent and toddler group, letting them go out into the big world of school can be very daunting and you cannot be there to protect them […]

by Helen • September 24, 2014
Preparing your child for preschool: What can you do

Pre-schooling for your toddler: 5 things you should know

Photo Credit: Pregnancy and Baby – Preparing your child for preschool or daycare The pre-schooling transition may be something big for your child; it was perhaps less so for mine as they had been in nursery for a while, but new situations are never easy for little people. It is natural for them to feel […]

by Helen • June 11, 2014
Homework stress: Header

Reducing your homework stress

We have another hangout for you today. Beckie Whitehouse from Be Confident Coaching is joining us to help reduce your homework stress. But what do I mean by that. Simple. Our lovely little ones might hate doing homework. We could hate asking them to do it. There could be battle getting them to do it. […]

by Helen • February 4, 2014
School anxiety: Tips

School anxiety: Top three tips to help your kids

Last week, I spoke to Kate Barlow from The Parent Consultancy and asked her what her top tips were on helping your kids when they experience school anxiety, and are still struggling to settle in after a few weeks. She had some great ideas, so we are sharing them with you here…. 1. Be confident […]

by Guest Blogger • October 10, 2013