Saturday is Caption Day: Rambling over to us #SatCap

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Mammasaurus has decided to pass on her wonderful Saturday is Caption Day linky to others having given it a wonderful start off every week for simply an absolutely age…!

Myself, Ramblings of a Former Rock n’ Roll Mum, Keynko, and Mummy Barrow will be sharing the honours for the foreseeable future, so keep checking the #SatCap hashtag so you know where it is, and mosy on over to the right blog so you can add your wee photo and link to the linky.

This week, we are going all #SatCap rock n’ roll over on the Ramblings of a Former Rock N’ Roll mum.

Rules are easy, pop up a funny photo that is worthy of a caption and get ready for a giggle.

Here is ours….


And do spread the love by displaying the badge as well if you can…


Get your caption on you lot!

Sharing is caring!


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