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How to stop thumb sucking with a sticker chart; the Stuntboy way…

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My little boy has sucked his thumb since he was 6 weeks old…as you can see its his thang and I have always thought it looked rather cute. I haven’t really wanted him to stop thumb sucking, well because it looked so cute…

Stuntboy had reflux as a baby and the sucking seemed to soothe the pain, so we didn’t stop him doing it. And I guess once he had started it was difficult to stop…

Last week though, he stopped himself thanks to the dentist and a sticker chart.

We had stopped the daytime sucking a few weeks ago, but we went to the dentist last week, and Stuntboy (and Mummy) got a bit of a telling off.

Apparently, his top jaw is too small from all that sucking, and may not fit his adult teeth in. He also has a crossbite.

So much for looking cute doing it….

We decided that we needed to stop it. And stunningly enough, Stuntboy agreed with the dentist. He is five now, and he does understand that some adults know a lot about particular things. The dentist had been to University and knew everything about teeth so we really should listen to her advice about our gnashers. She even said he may have to wear a brace. And even at five, I am not sure he particularly liked that idea…and who can blame him…

So every night in his previous five years, we have cuddled and I have sung to him while he sucked his thumb.

That night, there were cuddles and singing but no thumb sucking.

Brad and I nipped in every now and then to see if he had slipped his thumb back in while he was asleep. Miraculously, though he even moved about in his sleep with his thumb going close to his mouth a few times, it never actually went in. Even asleep he seemed to have it sussed; bless him.

The following day he got a sticker on his chart as a reward for not sucking his thumb. And he has done ever since. Every night since the dentist we have checked on him, and every night he has done brilliantly.

The dentist suggested painting his thumb with the chemical that people use to stop nail biting, but we really didn’t want to go down that route unless we really had to.

He may sometimes run me ragged; but he’s been amazing with this and thoroughly deserves every ones of his stickers.

Are you struggling to stop thumb sucking? Have you tried a sticker chart? Let us know below.

Susie Earning-My-Cape

Friday 29th of June 2012

Great idea with the stickers! So glad he is taking so well to it! :-)

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